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A Message from ‘Clarkey’ June 29, 2006

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This is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard of. I can’t believe that you would promote something like this for people who are already full of themselves.

It’s almost as rediculous (sic) as your spelling Clarkey.


Rankings released! June 28, 2006

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View the: Hottest potential members

Have you evolved, or are you still a chimp… find out.


College Humor is Hot!

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college humorCollege Humor linked to Darwin Dating a few hours ago and we’ve had a stack of new applicants to the site.

We’ve put together a press release and posted it to PRweb. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it. Check it out here.

We’ve made some changes to the admin section of the site so that applicants can log in and see how they’re going. Applicants will be receiving an email with a link to a page they can forward to their friends to vote for them.


An email from ‘Brian’

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Oops.  Looks like you guys got your scientists a little mixed
up.  Darwin was the guy who came up with the theory of natural
selection, meaning that organisms with traits more suited to their
environment survived and evolved, and those who didn’t died out.
Naturally.  Get it?  What you guys are doing falls in line with the
theory of eugenics, devised by Darwins’ cousin, Sir Francis Galton.
This is the idea of intentionally pairing people with (supposed)
superior genetic traits and forcing a (supposed) superior result.
Another guy who really liked Galtons’ theories was Adolf Hitler, who
tried to take (supposed) undesirable genetic elements out of the mix
entirely. But since you don’t seem to discriminate against races or
ethnicities, “Hitler Dating” would probably be a bit of a stretch.  At
the very least “Galton Dating” would be more accurate.  And maybe
you’d attract some good-looking intelligent people who know what
they’re talking about to your dating pool.  Oops, forgot.  There’s no
such thing.  If you’re still reading this, I’m impressed.  Quite a lot
of big words in there, huh?

Sorry Brian, only made it halfway.  You sound ugly.


Interpreting what people write on (other) dating websites June 25, 2006

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Here are some real female headlines we found on other dating websites, and our interpretations of what each one really means!

“Down-to-earth girl looking for a nice guy”… means, “I’m really fat, but I’m not delusional about it. I want to meet someone who is as equally desperate.”

“Trying something new to find guys who i can have a decent conversation with”… means “I have large breasts.”

“Looking to meet new people, trying something different”… means, “My life sucks right now. I’m open to having sex in public.”

“No more sleazy bars for me!”… means, “I’ve been to lots of sleazy bars in my time… and I still didn’t get lucky. I’m hoping things will change via email.”

“I love the beach and outdoors”… means, “I went outdoors once… to the beach. I liked it, but I still prefer playing with my computer.”

“I’m a ray of sunshine inside & out”… means, “I am moody. If you enjoy getting sunburnt occasionally, please contact me!”

“Hi, my name is Julie.”… means, “My name is Peter. I love dressing up in my wife’s panties.”

“Looking for something real”… means, “Looking for meaningless sex on a regular basis.”

“I don’t normally do this but what have I got to lose?!”… means, “My dignity was already in tatters.”

“I hate cheesy headlines”… means, “I’m an empty tank of gas when it comes to creativity.”

“I’m open minded”… means, “I met a gay person once.”

“cos life’s so good it’s worth sharing”… means, “Gees, I’m advertising myself on this sleazy dating website. DID YOU REALLY THINK MY LIFE WAS GOOD?”

“I’m like no other she’s a cape wearin’ girl from a land of fancy”… means, hmm, actually we don’t know what this one means. It’s just weird.

Of course, you’re not going to see this sort of desperation on


Real submissions June 23, 2006

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We are constantly amused at some of the photos that get submitted to the site. Here are some of the ones so far:





Tempting offers… not!

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Of course, as soon as your website starts to get a bit of traffic, every dodgy marketer starts to smell you out. We received very tempting offers these last few days:

Hello Webmaster ,

[We are] a leading internet marketing company and marketing agent…

Our client… is an adult affiliate program that promote penis enlargement products. We saw your website: and we are interested to work together.

No thanks.

We also received one from a Russian bride service. The women on their site are sexy – we’ll give them that much – but not really bona fide Darwin Dating users.