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Welcome to the Darwin Dating blog June 10, 2006

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Hi there wickedly cool people,

We have created to save beautiful people from dingy, crappy online dating sites with horrible, ugly, desperate weirdos! The site has only just launched, and we are still tinkering with it before we start promoting it.

It started as a joke really. We were musing at the state of online dating, and thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great it you could exclude ugly people?’ So, we built the site. Darwin Dating was an obvious name, because we are really mimicking the natural selection that goes on in the wild.

Now that the site is built, we just have to find beautiful people to fill it! This could prove harder than we originally thought, but it should be heaps of fun.

We have a few ideas for doing this – and we will be sharing these with you in this blog over the coming weeks. If you have any other ideas, please let us know. We want this blog to be a exploration of the site as it grows. We’ll share our successes, failures and other stuff here for you to view.

A few notes on the site:

1. There aren’t many people signed up at the moment. This is a pretty large problem for new websites of this sort. We are hoping that people will be curious enough to see what is behind the login to join up.

2. We having been tossing up ideas for ensuring that we only receive genuine pictures. This is an interesting problem. We were originally going to have people submit a photograph with ‘’ somewhere in the picture – but we thought that would kill our signups. It will be interesting to see whether this proves to be a problem.

3. We are hoping the site is successful, but not too successful – we don’t know whether our server will be able to handle large loads. If we get to the (pleasant) problem of having too many people signup, we will be waiting nervously to find out!

4. At the moment, every member gets 2 free contacts per day. Down the track we might start charging, but for the meantime, we want to get as many users on the site as we can.

We’ll post again soon.


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