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Fishnets … they’re okay June 12, 2006

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We have received our first real complaint! To tell you the truth, we were overjoyed to receive it. It came from Leah. She said:

I myself am a very pretty girl, so I was slightly offended by the fact that you listed fishnet stockings as a bad thing. As a great fan of Burlesque and Moulin Rouge-type style (I’m no goth), I’m just emailing you to tell you that fishnet stockings can be perfectly lovely if worn the right way.

I must say, I tend to agree. We will remove fishnets from the banned list. For better or worse, they are quite fashionable at the moment; and I guess, if you are beautiful, fishnets will always look good on you!

Leah, thanks for taking the time to write to us. Please feel free to send other criticisms of the banned list our way.

I should say, about the banned list, it is quite tongue-in-cheek. We actually weren’t thinking it would be taken seriously. The moral of the story is that, if you are hot, please join up and share your beauty with other members!


25 Responses to “Fishnets … they’re okay”

  1. […] Saggy boobs… in fact no saggy anything! Sweat patches Nerdy glasses Cackly laughs Pocket protectors Mullets Fishnet stockings – Fishnets are okay, provided you are hot Fat rolls Acne Out of proportion noses Non-symmetrical faces or bodies Red hair and too many freckles Hair in the wrong places on women Too much hair in the wrong places on men Pasty skin Patchy skin Large ears Lack of personal hygiene Out of date fashions Out of date hair styles Large hips Small jaws (men) Teeth that aren’t straight Teeth that aren’t white Weird eyes Uncared for fingernails Bald patches (men, but particularly, women) Facial hair (women) Long back hair (men) Anyone with a middle part Ear and/or nose hair Crooked or webbed toes Webbed fingers Bent essential anatomy (men) Oversized essential anatomy (women) Lack of visible skin between eyebrows Mid-digital hair Ski jump noses Tendency to overuse phrases such as: ‘like’ Tendency to commence conversations with ‘on the OC last night…’ Tendency to try and look cool by using ’so’ as a prefix […]

  2. wealthbuildertip Says:

    Leah is right. wear the fishnet stockings in the right way and right occassion is great. Especially for the boyfriend 😉

  3. drmike Says:

    Maybe if we had some pictures to determine if they are lovely or not. 😉

  4. hotrod Says:

    fishnet stockings are great for a sexy bank robbery

  5. Leon Says:

    I’m pro fishnets. It’s only since the severe influx of gothic/alternative minors in the community wearing these that it’s an issue that has come to light – If we can ignore this factor and put fashion aside – I think fishnets can be a great addition to an outfit.. both sexy and casually appealing.

  6. Fishnets are out of style. They may look HOT on a model in a runway show but not out on the streets. They have goth written all over them.

    Taylor… fashion consultant

  7. Neuromancer Says:

    Well you try telling Dita shes out of style 😉

  8. camilla Says:

    I’d also like too file a small complaint about your banned list. I am rather offended by the red hair thing…Because too many freckles and red hair do not always go hand in hand. And i really think it depends on the person. I have red hair, but I dont have vast amounts of freckles. And there are plenty of good looking women with red hair-for example Julian Moore. And people who look cute with freckles-take a closer look at Lucy Lui!

  9. B. Hansom Says:

    Hi. One of your requirements states that “wearing out of date clothes” will not get you into the site. What about fashionably retro people then ?
    Btw have you noticed that this site DOES actually feature UGLY people but who have taken to clever photo manipulation … lol … this site sucks .. sorry 😀

  10. angela Says:

    I agree with Camilla. There a many hot people who have red hair and freckles. For instance, Patti Hansen, the 1970’s supermodel has red hair and crazy freckles. She’s gorgeous. Even though she modeled 30 years ago, she set the precedent for red headed/freckled beauty. It’s nothing that goes out of style, like a mullet (when was that in style?). Anyway, despite the fact that I’m fashion and beauty literate, and I could fit the superficial and completely subjective criteria for acceptance into this club (which I will apply to, out of sick curiosity), I still think this site is…just scary creepy. Thank you for the entertainment, but may you find a higher purpose.

  11. jade Says:

    i dont have a problem with your site at all however u comment that no ugly people aloud and then make a list full of the things people are most self aware of but i was wondering if these people on your website are so ‘hot’ why is it that there on a dating website funny that but what do i know im only 17 thnks x x 🙂

  12. Chappers.. Says:

    To be honest. there should be an ELITE section on the site. Because to be quite honest. THere are some pretty rough members…

    it should be invite only.. and those members should and once 50members are in it. only they can vote new members into it. With a limit of new members a week. And to get through there must be a 60% ‘yes’ vote.
    The leaders of this site, could remove people who were being rediciukous or ugly pple.. that would improve it more.

    What you rekon?

  13. Bill Says:

    I ‘rekon’ that Chappers did not get in because of his or her spelling ability or intellegence.

  14. […] in fact no saggy anything! Sweat patches Nerdy glasses Weird pubic hair Fishnets are okay, provided you are hot Fat rolls Acne Red hair and too many freckles .. yes, that’s right Hair in the wrong places […]

  15. Joe Says:

    An absolutely retarded concept for a dating site.

  16. sugarfiend Says:

    lucy liu? seriously? she’s cross-eyed!! your judgement is impaired.

  17. The Proxy Says:

    I saw your page on bebo. cool stuff!

  18. Mr. mr Says:

    Darwin Dating- Dating with only the assholes left in.


    But seriously your site is a bit of a scary mess. Its like the popular cheerleader from teen movies moved on to providing a dating service. whats more, your website seems to cater to someones preference rather than a popular concept of beauty… no red hair? no freckles? Small jaws? I think all of these things can provide some one with an interesting beauty, and red haired women are just plain hot!
    I have seen plenty of hot men and beautiful women here- but I cant help but imagine them all wearing natzi helmets and talking about a master race of beautiful people. Do you award bonus points for blond hair and blue eyes?

    Finally, if I’m going to be all deep about it, I think everyone I have found beautiful, and been truly attracted to, it has been because of how much I like them. If they can make me laugh, cheer me up, move me… suddenly they are the most beautiful person I know.

  19. homer Says:

    Redheads are ugly – that is just a scientific fact.

  20. […] -Fishnet stockings – Fishnets are okay, provided you are hot […]

  21. watson Says:

    a site of redheads in fishnets will be hotter than this one ….

  22. Willoughby Says:

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    Why not? It’s free!!!

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  24. drmike Says:

    God’s Good

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