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Our ethics… June 12, 2006

Filed under: Complaints — darwindating @ 9:12 am

We received a delightful message from “Harry” via email today.

Judging from his email, we think that Harry probably isn’t the best looking, but likes to think of himself as a pseudo intellectual:

Your ethics are ugly. So by definition, you shouldn’t be allowed on this site. And given that you can’t or don’t see this contradiction, you must also lack a keen and critical intelligence. Think about your life.

We like trading some “I’m-a-beautiful-person-on-the-inside” banter as much as the next person, however Harry’s email sounds like sour-grapes to me. Don’t worry Harry, there are lots of fish in the sea! Keep the old chin up.

What do you think? Is Darwin Dating ethical?


15 Responses to “Our ethics…”

  1. Bloo Says:

    No, Darwin Dating is not ethical.

  2. Reverend Says:

    and was never supposed to be lol

    i wonder what he would have said if he’d got an e-mail saying ‘congratulations’


  3. vixennez Says:

    which rule in this world is so fair ?
    even in bussiness life beautiful people have more chance than ugly people…
    so in love life too…
    would you like to date someone ugly?

  4. Lissa Says:

    I don’t think ethical or unethical are terms that apply to this service. However, the sentiment behind it is shallow, superficial and downright ugly. If I was still single, there’s no way I’d use this service – even if I looked like a supermodel – because I wouldn’t want to spend a minute with someone so ugly.

    As the saying goes, beauty fades, but dumb is forever. No thanks.

  5. Linebacker Says:

    Duffy you pink faced muthfukr. You will be exposed. We know who you are. You, Milkyface and the Fox expect naked pictures on our college network soon. You know the one. It’s Ivy League. The worst thing you ever did was to dis out on my gal and say her tits were fake. I am going to fuck you up. We all are. Peace.

  6. Robert Says:

    OK, this is off topic, but it’s a complaint. And not having tried to sign up, I think I don’t rate knowing the e-mail address.

    Here’s the complaint: Your site doesn’t allow people born before 1972!!!

    I defy you to survey attractive women and find that Matt Damon isn’t attractive (born in 1970, same as me, although I’m not as good looking as he is.)

    Jenifer Aniston (still hot, albeit a bit loopy): born 1969.

    Brad Pitt would still make it on your site, I imagine, he was born in ’63. I’ll admit, the odds go way down as you get older. I mean: Julia Roberts is *39* now. She’s obviously a dog and couldn’t get picked up in any bar in the country. (Yeah, right — they’d be flocking around her like flies on meat.)

  7. fuck you Says:

    go f*** yourself darwin

  8. This is funny Says:

    A little bird told me even one of the creators of this site send his pics and got rejected according to his own rules so at least they are fair 🙂

  9. Ola Says:

    My word you lot. Get a life and start being honest with yourselves. We are all attracted to goodlooking people and it is exactley the way Mother Nature inteded things to be. For procreational purposes. There is nothing wrong being attracted to good looks, just as long as other facters such as personality do come into the eqation. Balance is the key of life. I love good looking women and women love good looking men. We also look for whats on the inside. All this site does is introduce people. It is up to us how we take it from there. Now get over it. LOOKS DO COUNT as well as what is on the insdide.

  10. kate Says:

    you sicken me. of course looks count, but you all are sending the message ugly people dont deserve love. your the type of people would drown your baby if it came out with some sort of deformity. einstein, lincoln, eleanor roosevelt any many of insparational people wouldnt have made it on this superficial site.

    • Scott Gurstein Says:

      ugly people DON’T deserve love. I’m ugly, and I don’t have any love. So, logic dictates that I don’t deserve it, therefore, ugly people don’t deserve love. We must acept the facts of the world the way it is, not the world the way we wish it was.

  11. Ola Says:

    Kate, you have it all wrong. Everyone deserves love, even ugly people. Having said that, we all have to admitt, better looking people will always find it easier to find a mate. Even you, Kate, will be attracted to a good looking man over a man who is over wieght and ugly. And, no we wouldn’t drown our children if they were deformed. That is a sick thing to say or even think. You have to wake up and face reality Kate. We are all attracted to good looking people, even you. Like I said, WE DO take inner qualities into account. WE DO KNOW how to strike a balance. All this site does is make introductions.

  12. flair Says:

    kate your right-even ugly people deserve love…with other ugly people. baby its all a by- product of natural selection ; )

  13. jim Says:

    Why would anyone think of themselves as pseudo intellectual?

    • Britta Says:

      Yes all the site may do is make introductions, but they’re solely based on looks because if god forbid you have big ears or a bad perm you are “ugly”, everyone has flaws and it’s best that you accept that now “ola” because guess what looks fade. Besides the person who came up with the idea that the site is meant to breed beautiful people obviously knows nothing about genetics (most “beautiful” traits are recessive).

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