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Some reactions to the site… June 13, 2006

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Traffic to the site really took off today. I think we were at 1,150 unique visitors at last count, which is great. We’ve also started to receive some more reactions to the site, some that are interesting:

This from undefined boy:

Another racist site here. It’s a dating site that says to only provide for attractive people. They have a list of ‘no nos’ and in that list is red hair. But no black people listed or asian or anything else. just red hair.

I’m not sure when not liking red hair counted as being racist (I’ve never heard of the red hair race, although I stand to be corrected) but obviously undefined boy’s concerns are completely unfounded. As we say in our FAQs, “the only thing we discriminate on is attractiveness/ugliness. Race, religion, sexuality and anything else that has nothing to do with physical attractiveness is completely irrelevant to us.”

Let’s face it, there are hot people all over the world. Whether you are black, white, yellow, pink, green or blue, we don’t care, provided you are hot. (And you don’t have red hair!) πŸ™‚ hehe, kidding. Red hair is cool. Red hair and freckles,… that’s another story!

Some more:

“Spam and the site is of very bad taste.” — 7IM80 on a digg posting

“There’s one major problem with this concept – hot women don’t need to use online dating services. They get enough attention as it is.” — darkdaedra on another digg post [darkdaedra, feel free to keep all the ugly ladies on ‘regular’ dating sites all to yourself!]

“I think they have their criteria all messed up. The women should all be Playboy Playmates and the men should all be math geniuses.” — Darwins Stepchild on a topix post


27 Responses to “Some reactions to the site…”

  1. Your rules clearly say no ‘red hair and too many freckles’. If you allow red hair then please make it clear it is just red hair and too many freckles that you do not allow. I wonder if you let brown or blonde haired people with freckles sign up for your service?

    IMHO opinion your website is digusting.

  2. darwindating Says:

    well, as you said, it says red hair AND too many freckles — so I think you have your answer right there in front of you. πŸ™‚

    that said, we would be more than happy to admit people with red hair and too many freckles; provided they are hot. we challenge you to show us a picture of a hot person with red hair and freckles…. if you can do it, we’ll remove the restriction entirely!! πŸ™‚

    p.s. do you have red hair and too many freckles by any chance.

  3. I dont have any freckles. I sort of have red hair, but it’s been called blonde and it’s been called brown in the past. Beauty is something that is decided by the individual not by any system (your website). Im not gonna show you a picture of someone beautiful with red hair and freckles because i really dont care about this un-PC dating site. I could do but god knows if you as an individual would find them beautiful.

  4. darwindating Says:

    see… it can’t be done!

    red hair and freckles stays on the list…. πŸ™‚

  5. I think Darwin Dating is so stupid. This site will be closed with two months. I love your site!! It rocks. I wish I could join. Unfortunately I can’t join. I’m ugly and I have grey hairs.

  6. darwindating Says:

    hehe, okay, the last post is a bit of fun. Sorry realestateceo.

    … we are having a bit of a comment editing war. but, i play fair. the original comment is just struck out. πŸ™‚

  7. I was just joking. People will sign up and you will laugh all the way to the bank. I would never make fun of anyone site that really sucked or did not qualify for your site.

  8. I have even added you to my blogroll. I wish you the most success.

  9. darwindating Says:

    We’re joking too realestateceo. people with grey hairs can be hot too. red hair and freckles on the other hand… hehe :-). Thanks for the blogroll link. we appreciate it.

  10. shem kerr Says:

    You need to look up Darwin’s theory on ‘mate preference’. There is another phrase for it, but it may get me blocked as spam. Basically, physical beauty doesn’t really come into it. The ‘best’ mate is he who can spare the most resources for useless activities. On this basis darwindating should be in the running.
    I once lived with a male peafowl (yep the proper term will get me banned) and a turkey gobbler, both of them strutting their stuff, the gobbler gobbling and the male peafowl screaching all day every day. Finally, the ugly turkey wore the male peafowl down. Sure, there weren’t any hybrid perkies or turfowl, but neither were there any little peachicks.

  11. […]    The gauntlet was recently thrown down by Darwin Dating in relation to red hair and freckles.  Can someone be hot whilst having both of these attributes?  Under the topic Some reactions to the site… the attached picture of Lindsay Lohan was given as an example of an attractive red-head with freckles.  Her hair is dyed brown and her make-up completely hides any freckles she may have.  What do we take from this?  If you have red hair and freckles, the only way to look attractive is by hiding them. […]

  12. sweetkisses Says:

    ahem……..i’m a redhead (auburn more like…reddish/brown) and freckles…and i’m very hot…men love me and find me very attractive…and there are lots of blondes, brunetts, people without freckles that are very ugly….so i wouldnt anyone unless you saw them first..ur thing should say no UGLIES allowed…..period.

  13. sweetkisses Says:

    sorry..i mean’t to say wouldn’t *judge* anyone…..typed in a hurry:)

  14. sweetkisses Says:

    check me out…..u can barely see some freckles cause the camera..but i am loaded with them…its not the feckles that make me beautiful..its my face lips, my eyes..the freckles just add characteristic and add to my beauty.

  15. dreamer Says:

    I think red hair and freckles are gorgeous on girls but boys on the other hand… Anyone who disagrees with me is a retard. I don’t have red hair and freckles but I would kill to have it.

  16. Randomlinker Says:

    Does Heather Carolin ring a bell? Look for the shots
    where her freckles havn’t been photoshopped out
    (so avoid the playboy shots :P)

    And you could probably find a bunch more using your
    favourite search engine, although quite a few are 18+.

    Its all in the eye of the beholder though,
    what one finds beautiful, another might find
    ugly or off putting, and vice versa, although
    fashion tends to play an influence.

    Viva la redhead and/or freckles!
    (and yeah, Lindsay Lohan is a bad example IMO)

  17. kieren Says:

    i have red hair i am in!! yey for no freckles

  18. Freckles Says:

    Ok, all of you are idiots. The people who are offended by people wanting to date only hot people….idiots. Who wouldn’t fuck people from that pool on a regular basis?

    The hot people who think that’s the greatest thing they have going for them…idiots because all looks are temporary unless you use your looks to get rich or better yet, just kill yourself once your looks fade. After that we don’t need you anymore.

    The ugly people who are offended….idiots. Hotness is a commodity and a currency. If you could be hot, you would. Stop being jealous and easily offended. You’re not hot…fucking deal with and and be glad you may have some value beyond your looks….because you’re forced to!

    The owner of this site who thinks he’ll make a killing off of this niche site. Come on….you expect to make money off lazy hot people who’ve never had to work hard for anything(unless they are a hot man) and the world comes to them on a silver platter? A. Hot people don’t need a dating site. They can step off their porch and get laid within the hour if they so desire. Hot people can easily find other hot people all on their own B. They are a minority and as I mentioned, single hot people are rarely well off financially. The people they sponge off of are, but hot women especially are the cheapest creatures on earth, unless they are spending someone else’s money. There’s no way you can make money off of this unless you only offer hot chicks for rich men, but wait, that’s already been done.

    I’m from California which has more hot people per capita than any other state because this is where the money is. Try searching for hot women in CA. on this site…you’ll find about 20 or less, half who aren’t even hot. Myspace has zillions. Why not just hit up hot people there? What a brilliant business model this site has………….not!

    The redheads who think that pissing and moaning about how they or someone else is the exception to the rule….idiots. You can’t change the world, or their perception of ugly or non desirable. In general redheads , being a rare type are no less ugly than the bulk of any other type. I’d wager the percentage is the same. For every 100 redheads, there’s probably one in the bunch that has great bone structure in their face and great looking eyes, which is after all the first defining feature of a hot person…beautiful eyes and a beautiful face, oh and of course a great smile…..and then a great body completes the package. If the great face is there, the hair can be died. Hell, a tan can even be sprayed on now. If you have the good bone structure already, you can fix the rest yourself….that is if you’re not getting laid as it is.

    Anybody who hates people based on their looks alone is a bigot or racist and completely ignorant and also an idiot. If you don’t treat people on a case by case basis when it comes to your judgments on who is cool or worthy of living then you’re an idiot. It’s one thing to have certain tastes. I personally am not interested in dating any redheads, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make their life miserable or hate them.

    Last of all, I’m an attractive redhead. I’ve never liked being a redhead, but I made the best of it. I dyed my facial hair (I didn’t want to look like Ronald McDonald) I worked out, got some tattoos, got a college degree, became a professional musician/performer, made great money,bought nice clothes, learned how to interact with people, particularly women and got laid by pretty girls many times in spite of my challenges…all before this site ever came along.

    And to people outside of America, in case you didn’t know it, there is a slice of the population in England that is prejudice of redheads just like some people hate blacks in the U.S. I’m just speculating, but it probably goes back to the fact that their roots are Scottish/Irish . They enact hate crimes and sometimes kill people for simply being born with red hair. How idiotic is that? It’s just another form of racism.

    How’s this for prejudice and ignorance? : all you idiots should be taken out and shot in the head and put out of your misery.
    None of you deserve the air you are breathing. Whatever happened to being prejudiced against idiots?

  19. Chris Says:

    Freckles made some good points. Another point I would like to raise is that the average red head will kick the living shit out of average non-red head. We are fiery and we don’t take shit from no one. What did Darwin have to say about that? Survival of the Fittest? So maybe the owner of this site needs to check his premise.

    Seriously though, I lose faith in humanity when I see shit like this. You people all need to be taking your IQ-boost pills or something. Damn muppets.

  20. bryan Says:

    I’m very attractive, and I’d never join some arrogant dating service that’s racist. Yes racist. No redheaded men. Sounds allot like neo-nazi dating services. Good luck bigots. Don’t join them.

  21. jesse Says:

    Thumbs down.

  22. Amber Says:

    I have freckles to the point of being called a cheetah. Wow I’m not joining either.

  23. Sweet Sexy Kitten Says:

    Not joining either. And I’m telling all my friends not to join either because it sounds very Hitler-ish

  24. red, freckled and proud Says:

    why don’t you post a picture of yourself and let us judge how hot you are…..what? your not going to?…. surprise surprise! afraid you might be judged harshly?? Judge not lest you be judged. Bet your an ugly git. Hope you have a red haired freckled faced baby and your forced to love it hee hee wouldn’t that be a kick in the face for you.

  25. First of all, because I happen to know from the 15 seconds I spent here that idiots actually submit pictures of themselves for this site–to be judged by idiots–I want you to know that I have not and would not do such a thing if I made Brad Pitt look like manure.

    I pretty much randomly landed on this site, and I have to tell you that if the maker(s) of this site were literally tortured in–let’s say Hell–for–let’s say all eternity–I would not feel one tinge of sympathy. Furthermore, I am not above possibly finding myself there–like most people will–some day, so I’ll be glad to meet you, and you will know when it happens. ‘Till we meet again, asshole(s).

  26. morning Says:

    i think your site is a great idea
    theres nothing wrong with a little honesty.
    its not mean, or wrong to acknowledge the truth

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