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A Misplaced Concept? June 17, 2006

Filed under: General — darwindating @ 5:57 am

With press and stories about Darwin Dating starting to spread, a number of comments, criticisms and suggestions have surfaced from web surfers. One in particular continues to come up:


"Why would attractive people need to join a Dating website? Surely they already attract enough attention."

The question is quite valid. This is our thinking:

1. Hot people can still find it difficult to find other hotties
2. Attractive people do get alot of attention but it's often from people they're not interested in
3. Some people find it difficult to approach attractive people and talk to them
4. Sometimes hot people stick clear of pubs and nightclubs, because they're sick of being leered at
5. Hot people have insecurities about themselves as well
6. Everyone loves an ego boost and acceptance to Darwin Dating gives that

Most importantly, it can be incredibly fun to chat and flirt over the web!


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