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An email from ‘Brian’ June 28, 2006

Filed under: General — darwindating @ 12:42 pm

Oops.  Looks like you guys got your scientists a little mixed
up.  Darwin was the guy who came up with the theory of natural
selection, meaning that organisms with traits more suited to their
environment survived and evolved, and those who didn’t died out.
Naturally.  Get it?  What you guys are doing falls in line with the
theory of eugenics, devised by Darwins’ cousin, Sir Francis Galton.
This is the idea of intentionally pairing people with (supposed)
superior genetic traits and forcing a (supposed) superior result.
Another guy who really liked Galtons’ theories was Adolf Hitler, who
tried to take (supposed) undesirable genetic elements out of the mix
entirely. But since you don’t seem to discriminate against races or
ethnicities, “Hitler Dating” would probably be a bit of a stretch.  At
the very least “Galton Dating” would be more accurate.  And maybe
you’d attract some good-looking intelligent people who know what
they’re talking about to your dating pool.  Oops, forgot.  There’s no
such thing.  If you’re still reading this, I’m impressed.  Quite a lot
of big words in there, huh?

Sorry Brian, only made it halfway.  You sound ugly.


2 Responses to “An email from ‘Brian’”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Ha ha well said Brian. The reply obviously shows tht they are in fact, thick.

  2. Bloo Says:

    ‘Eugenics Dating’ would indeed be a more accurate title, to be honest – but that would kind of ruin the hilarious joke if Nazism were involved, wouldn’t it?

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