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Email from Dave July 4, 2006

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Here at Darwin Dating, we get sent a number of emails everyday.  Some we post up on our blog because they are insightful, interesting, or like the one below just plain crazy!

“wow, you people are the dumbest motherf*ckers i have ever
heard of. you apparently have no fucking idea what darwinism even is.
to call yourselves darwin dating is amazingly ironic, since darwinism
is about survival of those most fit to survive in a species, which is
not you f*cking people. you probably dont even have half a brain
between all your members and even if you did wouldnt survive more than
a day if actually put into nature. being pretty doesnt have sh#t to do
with being able to survive, you dumb concieted f*ckers. you people are
dumbf*cks and deserve to be shuffled off the mortal coil. i hope you
all f*cking die.
p.s. (thats post script since you people probably never knew what it
meant in the first place) and no im not as you idiots put it a
“chimp”, although you might feel that i must be, since im not a
concieted prick and dont want to join your site.”

Without trying to antagonise you any further “chimp boy” that is one of the craziest emails we’ve ever received.  Stay off the roids!!


3 Responses to “Email from Dave”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Wow – someone must have known they weren’t qualified for a membership. If only that bitter could be harnessed and made into dark chocolate so some of us stupider folk could get fat too.

  2. alex Says:

    after all he didn’t get it right what darwinism means.
    it’s in fact all about how often you’re able to spread your genes what naturally meant you have to bee strong and stuff some 1000 years ago but today only relays on prettyness.

    (i should do some more english learning…)

  3. Nicola Says:

    He’s quite right. It is conceited and arrogant. Charles Darwin did not write a book on how attractive people should date but on evolution, natural selection and survival of the fittest. Maybe the website owners thought he meant fittest as in nice looking?? Duh!!

    This is a piss take though and just an excuse for people to be nasty.

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