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Are the Beautiful..also the more Intelligent? July 13, 2006

Filed under: General — darwindating @ 5:02 am

Many criticisms of the Darwin Dating site focus on the intellect of the individuals who run Darwin Dating and the supposed lack of intelligence of those crazy enough to sign up.

Surely beautiful people and those who store great weight in beauty can’t be intelligent as well.  According to this article, beautiful people are not only likely to be just as intelligent as the “uglies”, in many cases they are likely to intellectually outshine their more ‘homely’ compatriots.

Ugly and stupid…jeeesh!  


2 Responses to “Are the Beautiful..also the more Intelligent?”

  1. Geth Says:

    Of course beautiful people are more intelligent, what person would want to teach an ugly child for 6 hours a day?

  2. sam Says:

    if brad pitt had minor acne and yellow teeth would he be ugly

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