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Australia Day 2007 January 26, 2007

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Being January 26 today, it was Australia Day. However, today was special for another reason — Google was planning to take a whole photo of Sydney to use on the Australian Google Maps.

We wanted to be a part of the day, and so we created a large banner for Darwin Dating which we hoped would be visible from the sky. One of the co-founders, and his reluctant but good-humored wife, dressed in their wedding outfit with a large sign that said, ‘We met on P.s. We’re hot..’

The day was a huge sucesss. We had heaps of fun creating the sign, and a journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald even came down to interview us — we ended up on the front page!

Darwin Dating Sign

The Finished Sign

We also created a giant eye-ball to promote another website of ours, Swift City. This project involved some 2,500 pieces of A4 paper, as well as 2,500 wooden cooking skewers:

The Giant Eyeball

To get this ready in time for the 9am picture, we had to get up at 4am, and work in the dark with rain coming down around us. However, the result was definitely worth it.

We can’t wait for the pictures to come out in 6 weeks time.When they do, you should be able to find us approximately at the following Lat/Lng: -33.89757219, 151.2255942.



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To our hot readers:

We recently received a mention in a chicks magazine, Jane. It would appear a lot of attractive women read this magazine and they have been registering on our site in droves.

We are drowning in attractive women and they are going to be rather unhappy with our site when they are voted in and find out we have insufficient attractive men.

If you can do anything to help relieve us of this problem, preferably by encouraging attractive males to register on our site, we would be forever grateful.


The Darwin Dating Team.


Strict Rules at

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This from Ms Amanda:

I was reading Jane magazine at work today. They mentioned a website called Darwin Dating. This is amazing. It is an exclusive online dating club, where other exemplary members of the gene pool decide, through voting a la Hot or Not, if you should be able to join and mate with them.

I have submitted my picture. If I get rejected, I will send them another one with myself in a bra, which should do the trick.

That’s great if you’re hot, but please, no bra shots if you don’t meet criteria 1 of our rules.