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Funny profile picture… February 19, 2007

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please don’t try to join our site… February 18, 2007

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Hello I,m Peter from the Netherlands.
I did not red an age criteria.
I,m 44 years and proud of my overhaul looks.
Not arrogant but yes a bit vain.

I dare to try joining in…


A message from pouetpouet … after we rejected him February 13, 2007

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Dear Darwin dating,

I’m SO disappointed! All my MacBooked friends say that I’m SO gorgeous. Anyway, I’ll start my own dating website called and I’ll finally be able to date myself because the only person who deserves me is myself.

So see you in the courtroom !

We’re like, totally scared.


New feature – profile snoop February 11, 2007

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Hot off the press — we have just released a new ‘members-only’ feature called the ‘profile snoop”!  This will allow you to view who has been checking out your profile. A pretty neat feature that will hopefully get some more emails flying between our members.

Remember, all emails are completely free. Each member can send two messages per day — so choose wisely!


Elimination Time? The Bottom 20

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funnybuggers-full.jpgAdditions and changes continue to occur on the Darwin Dating website. One notable inclusion under the rankings link is the addition of Darwin Dating’s bottom 20 potential members. These are the potential members who have received the lowest scores when ranked by other users. Will they make the cut and become part of Darwin Dating’s elite? Will they be ruthlessly turned away and shunned by other beautiful members? Keep track of their progress here!


An email from Michelle… February 10, 2007

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“Hey I have seen some of the pictures of your members. To be honest I won’t shit on their face as they are NOT good enough to be my toilet. AND you I bet you are full of make-up. TRY sending your picture to me without your make-up and if you are a man, I bet you look like an ugly DUCK that even asian people won’t eat.”

Hey, Michelle. Wow, you are angry. Not to mention a nasty bigot. We’re pretty sure we made the right decision about you!