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A Friendly Email From Suzy :) April 11, 2007

Filed under: General — darwindating @ 3:45 am

“Name: Suzy fuckin Q
Message: I think this is the most thoroughly discusting waste of human braincells I have ever seen. You people should be fuckin shot. I think a more inportant use of “natural selection” would be to take the shallow, stupid, vain people like you and drown them before they can inflence anyone else to be as fuckin stupid as you. You are everything thats wrong in this world. Choke and die. Thanks!!! :)”


3 Responses to “A Friendly Email From Suzy :)”

  1. Lassie Says:

    Hi Suzy Fuckin Q
    I think that was a pretty horrible blog you put on. I’m not hot enough to get on this brilliant website, but fuck me it’s funny. I’m so happy about myself that I really don’t feel the need to wish other people death (beautiful or ugly)
    It’s just funny and to let this website get to you tells more about you than the people who has joined. I don’t hope you choke and die 🙂

  2. Bloo Says:

    You have a point, Lassie, but it’s pretty obvious that creating this site would create strong feelings for many. No-one likes an ungracious winner in life, whether they rub their wealth, good looks, (or whatever) in your face. Or something.

  3. Nilma Says:

    So we already know Suzy Fuckin Q is ugly. She also can’t spell. Oh, and don’t get me started with her grammar and run on sentences. Poor girl, she’s got nothing going for her.

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