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Nice One Dean! April 11, 2007

Filed under: General — darwindating @ 3:49 am

Darwin Dating to Dean: 

“Dear Dean,
Welcome to the harsh reality of life, you are not attractive enough to make it onto Darwin Dating and probably aren’t very attractive, period!

There are plenty of other ugly people out there and we have proof. Many people who have applied for membership have been rejected. ‘Successful’ people like Russell Crowe, George W. Bush, Venus and Serena Williams and Margaret Thatcher would never have been made members, so maybe there is still some hope for you.

There are plenty of products out there that may help reduce your ugliness. Try a few of these: hair gel, contact lenses, soap.

All the best with your ugliness!”

Dean to Darwin Dating:

“how bout u fuck of”



One Response to “Nice One Dean!”

  1. Reverend Says:

    i think it was the comparison to Maggie that really got him 😉


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