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The Red Hair Rule May 15, 2007

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Our rule against red hair and freckles appears to have sparked a bit of a debate.
This from Kate:

“Certain shades of red hair (ie, dark auburn) are, in fact, hot- but only for the ladies! I understand keeping the orange-haired men off of your site, but not this whole blanket ban of red hair/freckles. I suggest that you amend that rule the way you did the fishnet stocking one. Thanks!” (link added by DD).

About 2 weeks ago we heard from Rob:

Rob: “The Red Hair Rule is a bit grey. I got red hair, I’m also hot…and buff. Its not that rosey ginger bright carrot red, its more…auburn’ish, but it is still rightly ‘redhair. This rule should specify the severity of red hair. Just a suggestion”

DD: “Hi Rob, You make a fair point. I suggest you upload your photo and we can let the members decide whether auburnish hair can make it. If you make it in I will adjust the rules accordingly. 🙂 Yours in hot people, Darwin Dating”

Rob: “Haha, good stuff.”

And that’s the last we heard from Rob. Did he make it? I guess not… yep, the rule still stands. 🙂


67 Responses to “The Red Hair Rule”

  1. jade Says:

    ITS JUST A SITE!!! who cares people get so offended fair enough i made a point on the other blog but why does it matter if reds arent aloud then get over it just go to a red hair dating site tad da

  2. estella Says:

    meh, i have red hair… it’s dyed red – an incredible shade of red – and i got in. i also have lovely pale skin. i don’t particularly think that you’ll be excluded if you have red hair and are still somewhat attractive.
    i also like red hair in men. josh homme anyone? he’s probably one of the hottest men alive.

  3. kieren Says:

    i would just like to thank the fine people at darwin dating for introducing this site and to point out i have red hair and am in. yes these people may have not got in because of there red hair but its a mixture between red hair and pale skin or red hair and freckles. well i have neither pale skin or freckles.

    thanks guys u really made my day

  4. Meri Says:

    I actually happen to have red hair, pale skin, and freckles- but I got in. These things couldn’t stop me, because the people on darwin dating couldn’t deny it- I’m too beautiful to turn away.

  5. Scott Says:

    jade….it`s allowed….not aloud.You freakin moron.

  6. trey Says:


    this sight is for peple who look gud, not for peple who r smart enuf to spel! shut up ugly!!

  7. boy Says:

    Keep the red hair ban! Speaking from dating experience, red headed women are super duper crazy…wacky, not in any slang-y opposite meaning.

    Pay no attention to respondents who complain about this particular ban…clearly they are red-heads too and therefore, by definition, crazy.

  8. ivan Says:

    Why not say ‘no black women’ or ‘no asian men’. Both of these groups are only attractive to men/women of their own race, and are usually left when there is a choice (you always see black man-white women or white man-asian woman pairings, but almost never see the opposite) So be absolute in your distinctions. You won’t, because some groups are protected by the laws of political correctness, and some are not, so you take the easy way out. Nicole Kidman need not apply, makes sense. Pussies.

    • Nick Says:

      Whoa dude. Speak for yourself. Black women are attractive. There’s a reason women these days are tanning, plumping their lips, and getting ass implants….

  9. Kay Says:

    Shocking shocking… would you leave us only to date each other, condemning our crazy spawn to burn up whenever the sun comes up? shocking.

  10. bianca Says:

    umm i actually dye my hair red. Redheaded guys are super cute

    • Troy Says:

      I am a guy with red hair. Thank you for the compliment. I think there are far too many different types of redheads and different individual characteristics for all these guys to make a blanket statement about redheads. As for Darwin, all he cares about is if we can make it or not. If we can, it’s all good. The speculation of a handful of people is pretty irrelevant.

  11. Laura Says:

    The only ethnic/racial group omitted in the ‘rules’ is the red-hair/freckles person: WOW! As a person that fits that description, I have encountered plenty of ridicule in my youth. I have also encountered lots of praise. But, this is a form of prejudice that goes beyond anything I’ve seen: I’ve seen a lot! The woman who commented she has the red hair but not the freckles and she “got in” Wow! Do you really want to be a part of this? I guess Hitler’s spirit lives on….If I were a redhead looking at this site, I would ‘move on’ Do you really want to be a part of something that obviously doesn’t want you. It’s certainly a free country. Let’s summarize what I have said: Red hair and freckles are not acceptable on this website, so I’ll take myself and “move on”….

  12. team-naz Says:

    actually my friends and I hate red heads so much that there is a competition taking place- who can capture the most photographs of a red-head or so we call them “fotches” on their cellular mobiles. (fotch is a shortened version of “firecrotch”) This competition of course is so we can compare and cut down the red-head society currently thriving in our hometown community. It is in my opinion that red heads should not pro-create, like they can date okay, but only other red heads, and no children whatsoever should come of the relationship….no offense.

    • lalaceleste53 Says:

      team-naz wow, never before have i been witness to such wit and wisdom as you have portrayed here! Uh, gee i think darwin would classify you as one of the weaker, more fearful species, and therefore guaranteed to become extinct, thank goodness. I had at one time believed that evoulution had weeded out bullying neanderthals such as yourself, but alas i was wrong. You poor man, to be so insecure about yourself in a world such as this…and when your strongest character traits are ignorance and agressiveness, you will eventually self-destruct.

    • Frickin Frack Says:

      Speaking as a redhead, don’t have many freckles, and I’m not really all that pale either. I’ve found it’s usually the guys who seem to hate redheads the most that are trying to hit on me later on. It’s ridiculous. This site is retarded, if someone is actually hot they’ll have no problem finding someone. They wont need the help of a website, and to the people who dislike redheads so much. Good for you, it’s not like we’ve heard every joke in the book already. It’s also easy for you all to say and act the way you do online and not when you’re actually standing in front of someone.

      This whole concept is childish. Also, there is no way you could actually judge someone based on their looks alone, on a website. Pictures can be doctored, happens all the time. Not to mention it’s the normal ones that usually end up being crazy. Take a look at all the serial killers in the world and find me a redhead.

      I hope none of you wackos, especially not you, team-spaz, hope none of you have children. Better yet, hope you do and they’re all ugly little freckle-faced redheads.

  13. Genevieve Says:

    red heads should be placed on their own island and forced to eventually die off. simple enough.

  14. “A man with red hair is cursed…a woman with red hair is blessed.” There’s nothing so beautiful as a red “landing strip” of well-trimmed pubic hair on a hot babe!

  15. Quamby Says:

    Red heads give good head. I have found that statement to be true more often than not.

    This site is for people that look a certain way no mention of decent personality or ability to hold a conversation or a rational thought. If that’s Darwinian, good luck surviving for more than a generation or so.

    Darwin’s theory is beyond the comprehension of many people who would be paired up by the “service”.

    Reminds me of the time I dated a beautiful girl who laid there like a fish when having sex with her. Halfway through I told her to just lay there and look pretty while I worked myself and spewed over her beautiful body.

    She didn’t even get that I was mad as hell at what a lousy lay she was, but hey I got my jollies and dumped her fast.

    • Frickin Frack Says:

      You’re right about redheads giving good head. It’s totally fucking true. Haven’t you heard? Redheads do it better….

  16. tommy Says:

    I think the red-hair rule is fucked up, misguided and ill-informed. I personally dont have red hair – but I have known many hot women with red hair – and yes the bright red kind, often accompanied by freckles.

  17. Simone Simone Says:

    I also happen to be a hot young redhead, with snow white skin and freckles,any guys dream! Not crazy, not auburn, not nerdy. I do tend to agree with male redheads as not terribly attractive, but that’s me, I think it should be up to everyone if they consider any particular redhead hot. I do believe Darwin would be ashamed at many of you, Frotch games? What the fuck is wrong with you? Did you guys get the “Mommy was on drugs during pregnancy” gene? Anyways, my best friends are both hot young redheads and you fucks would be lucky to look at any of us.

  18. Rob (yes...the redhead) Says:

    I never got around to signing up, til now…if I get through I still expect the rule to be changed 😀


  19. Rob (yes...the redhead) Says:

    Ehem, turns out I’m hot enough to be here, red hair and all.

  20. lvlylil Says:

    Did anyone see “Corina” on that “Chuck” show? Red hair, freckles, and smoking hotttt.

  21. Regina Says:

    Yeah well.. most of them are ugly..
    But some of them.. I personally really adore Nicole Kidman..

    Anyhow, doesnt matter… Just a site..
    Next thing would be really fat woman saying ‘There are some really hot fat-girls!!!’

    Gotto draw the line somewhere!!! 🙂

  22. […] hair Fishnets are okay, provided you are hot Fat rolls Acne Red hair and too many freckles .. yes, that’s right Hair in the wrong places on women Too much hair in the wrong places on men Patchy skin – especially […]

  23. Christy Says:

    Haha, what a lame rule.

    Red hair can be hot on some people. Auburn hair is usually a lot hotter than that really bright, orange-y red.

    So I applied anyway 🙂

  24. gingerwarrior Says:

    fuck you, worthless ignorant cunts

    bet you’ve got faces like cats twats – big deal if the hair above is shit-brown or piss-blond or whatever…how fucking boring

    go eat shit and die, you father-sucking trash

  25. Tracer Says:

    It’s one thing to screen your members based on looks, which by itself is morally ambiguous but whatever. What I’m curious about is what’s with the deep hatred towards “ugly” people? For example, in the FAQ he says he wishes he could charge ugly people money for denying them. Why not just stone them to death while you’re at it?
    I’m pretty sure the Nazi party would love this site.

    • sally Says:

      i agree with you. i think people with ginger hair and freckles are beautiful and i don’t see anything wrong with the way they look at all. this website makes me really sad, especially some of the comments people are leaving here. its a shame they can’t see how peoples’ unique personal aspects both physically and personality-wise can give them a specific beauty untouched by anyone who got on to this dating site.

      • Troy Says:

        I have red hair and I was just a little annoyed at the blanket statement that ALL male redheads are ugly or cursed but oh well. I guess anyone can form a prejudged opinion. For the most part I suspect this site is just having fun with the topic. Could anyone actually be serious over a topic like this?

  26. kc Says:

    i dont seem whats wrong with red hair ..seriously
    some of us are really attractive

    red hair is bold and beatiful and for those bitches that played that game…are you for real ..what social life you must have..SHAME!!

    dont be a hater to the red heads man ….they represent:)

  27. ex redheaded dude Says:

    Ok, so I have to chime in since I’m a redhead, or at least I was born one. In general, most guys with red hair are ugly as are most redheaded girls, but that’s no different than the general population. Most blonds,brunettes or black haired people are ugly because MOST PEOPLE ARE AVERAGE TO UGLY and average is just another form of “not hot” or ugly. Since natural redheads are actually quite rare, it’s not surprising there aren’t very many hot ones.
    Redheads are usually only hot to people who are true redhead appreciators, which is almost a type of fetish. I’ve found that latin people or darker featured people seem to like us the best.

    On top of that, when I was a kid my hair was orange. Then over time it eventually ended up strawberry blond. So I dyed my eyebrows brown, lightened my hair to be blond and BAM…I actually started getting laid by hot women who also thought I was hot.

    Freckles are not pretty. They are the anti-tan. A bunch of blotches all over the skin. They look the worst on girls, mainly because women aren’t as shallow and will put up with them on a man, since women also tend to put up with scars and other imperfections, many times even a less than firm or fat body, since women are also attracted to money, power and fame.

    Saying redheads in general aren’t allowed here or not often hot is no less offensive than keeping ugly people out, which is the majority of America. if you don’t believe me, spend 10 minutes at an airport or a walmart and you’ll quickly come to the same conclusion….true hotness is rare, especially when you consider the fact that hot women in particular have a pretty short shelf life. Most women who are lucky enough to be hot at 19-24, will look like hell by the time they are 35. Maybe that’s why you can’t be over 35 on this site. Makes sense to me.

    Guys, if you’re ugly or over 35, over 35, or a redhead, don’t trip. As long as you work hard and become successful, you can get many, many hot women into bed over the course of your life. Just remember, ugly men can one day be another hugh hefner, but ugly women will just end up alone….no matter how much money they make, and in the end, all women will end up old wrinkled douche bags! So get em’ while they’re hot and then when they start to go downhill, dump them for a newer hotter model! That’s what being truly superficial is all about! That’s the only reason hot matters…so you can use them while they are hot!! After all, it’s all about you isn’t it?

  28. Marrie Says:

    You truly nailed it “Ex-Redheaded dude”!

    I’m aghast at the anti-redhead comments!

    What’s even more shocking is the redhead women who are happy they got in simply because they didn’t have as many freckles or no freckles at all.

    Reminds me of black people back in slavery days… if you pass the paperbag test or the comb test (half-white and black), “you’re in”, but if you look like Whoopi Goldberg… you need not apply.

    Same concept.

  29. Heinrich Himmler Says:

    You are all just like me. When we have eliminated the redheads, we can get to work on the dumbass blondes. Then we should eliminate bald people….

  30. Dan Says:

    Charles And Max Carver are hot red heads from Desperate Housewives!

  31. shrill Says:

    Redhead women are the hottest ones and pale and slightly pale skin turns me on! Red hair is not a fault, but simply a matter of subjective preference. Somebody likes blondes, somebody brunettes, someody redheads 🙂 This rule against redheads is awkward, like banning green eyes. I want my redheads here 😦

  32. tuff cookies Says:

    I agree with brother crimewave. a redheadded man is cursed to date the b-list… or lower. A redheadded woman is hot. But the pale skin has to go… get a self tanner…

  33. Psalm Says:

    This site is a joke ahah

    I hope you all get hit by a fucking car and get more ugly than the your own shit you crap.

  34. michelle Says:

    i think ur website is ridiculous, if all of these people were bloody perfect and have none of the flaws why are they not supermodels. they all just wannabes, and who wannabes in the minority, not me. get a life.

  35. lalaceleste53 Says:

    I think it’s poor judgement to attach the name of Darwin to this site, obviously a good proportion of Homosapians have yet to fully evolve. It is the most intellligent who will survive the longest…not the most self-absorbed. Darwin was a bold scientist..and this site belittles him.

  36. GOD Says:

    You mother funking pieces of shit you are all going to rot in hell and god doesn’t love you or ur familes. You know how people that make fun of mentally handicapped people or homosexual and there children come out that way,every single person on this website will be cursed with children of the ginger nature, red hair patchy pale skin and they will murder u

  37. a Ginger Says:

    i for one am a ginger and proud of it…and if you don’t like it you can kiss my manson white ass


  38. errol Says:

    fuck me , young people of today, you have nothing to loose but your chains, don`t you think there s more serious issues, these commenfs remind me of six year olds, you`ll be saying you hate afro next.Show some maturiy you bunch of retards and argue about your nuclear peel.

  39. gnrgrl Says:

    Ahem, Axl Rose?

    Talk about not having taste…

  40. Brenda Says:

    I have dark red hair,freckles 61year old ,all my life ALL the guys wanted me . It’s the females thats upset ,I’ve had them as yung as 33 come on to me a blond cutie. My Grandsons frind 23 said I was a hotie Grandma shame on you all .God help ALL of you…Blessings

  41. John Says:

    I dated a lady from this site. Her profile showed a gorgeous female specimen with a lustrous mane of brunette hair (a personal favorite of mine) and i was quickly sold. Noting that she lived near to me, i got in touch and we agreed to a date the following weekend. The date went well, the wine flowed, and much laughter was shared. Things led to the inevitable and we ended up in bed together back at her place. It was here that i got the biggest surprise – a closer look at her essential anatomy revealed this lady to be a natural redhead! Needless to say, i made my excuses quickly and left. I’ve reported this woman’s profile to the site’s admin, but what i really want to know is; am i entitled to some kind of compensation?

  42. homer Says:

    Redheads are really, really ugly. Burn my retinas ugly. Shudder.

  43. […] -Red hair and too many freckles .. yes, that’s right […]

  44. Jess Says:

    So many beautiful people (men and women) with red hair – how shallow — If your life revolves around the physical aspects of a relationship, trust me, you’ll never be happy. Rather sad really.

  45. Person Says:

    How about no niggers, no kikes, no spicks, no faggots, no gooks, chinks, sandniggers…

  46. SQ Says:

    Some people find me attractive, but if these comments represent the intellect and mindset of “attractive people”, I’m inspired to take a hammer to my face.

  47. Calum Says:

    You are vile, pointless little twats. You will all get old, sag, look like shit and then die. Get over yourselves.

  48. john Says:

    I have freckles and red hair (male). I was accepted.

  49. Han Says:

    You people are fucked!

  50. ProbablyTooFatnFreckled Says:

    Meh…the anti-ginger rule isn’t anything to get upset over. The whole point of the site is to help people who are shallow & vapid enough to join find other shallow, vapid people to share their pointless lives. It can’t be easy being completely self-obsessed if you don’t have a beautiful enough person around to admire your wonderful, gorgeous self, after all.

  51. Lena Says:

    I have slightly red hair, and now i’m officially registered on this site. What’s wrong?
    Yesterday i changed hair color to fiery red, like Rihanna’s. Do you need the proof that I’m still hot?
    How about such persons like Emma Stone or Christina Hendricks? You REALLY think that red heir color can not be beautiful? O.o

  52. Jack Says:

    If I had my way I’d make the redhead an extinct human species asap. What good have they ever done?

  53. John Edward Thomas III Says:

    To… *everyone* who commented: you come to a dating site for shallow, worthless people and complain when those are exactly what you find?

  54. Says:

    Love here

  55. Says:

    I need very Bad hot ugly mate here to date so if can chat with me here on email and Redheads are really,am really fine. Burn my retinas ugly

  56. Says:

    if you really interested on me just email me on my email here oh ok

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