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Traffic = Hate Mail May 15, 2007

Filed under: General — darwindating @ 9:27 am

Darwin Dating has received a bit of traffic of late and with traffic comes hate mail! Hooray!

Some of the better quotes:

“i have no words… you are going to whatever you beliefs constitutes as hell when you die. fucken nazis.”

“Listing red hair as an ugly characteristic makes you ugly and stupid, worst of all RACIST PIGS”

“Did you hear the one about the retarded dating site that tries to impose its view of beauty on everyone else? What, you dont believe me? Well, its true. Apparently, they won’t accept anyone with, for example, red hair or freckles. They don’t seem to realise that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means they have absolutely no fucking right to decide what it is on behalf of anyone else. They fail to realise that some people find red hair ATTRACTIVE, for example. They fail to realise that not everyone thinks anyone wider than a hair is an eyesore. They fail to realise that some people find botox-induced statuism disgusting. Yes, I know, I found it hard to believe too, I was astonished that such morons actually exist.”

How ugly do you reckon these 3 are?


6 Responses to “Traffic = Hate Mail”

  1. Reverend Says:

    i’d say 1’s and 2’s at best darwin 😀

  2. Chappers.. Says:

    To be honest. there should be an ELITE section on the site. Because to be quite honest. THere are some pretty rough members…

    it should be invite only.. and those members should and once 50members are in it. only they can vote new members into it. With a limit of new members a week. And to get through there must be a 60% ‘yes’ vote.
    The leaders of this site, could remove people who were being rediciukous or ugly pple.. that would improve it more.

    What you rekon?

  3. hoegwi Says:

    fucking morons

    I don’t see how making a race of blonde bimbos would be progress.

  4. darwindating Says:

    Hi Chappers, thanks for your thoughts. We’re thinking through some ideas to build out the site so we’ll keep you posted through this blog.

    In addition, we’ve been a little unhappy with the quality of some members being voted in of late, so we’ve increased the score requirements to get in to allow less, but more attractive members in. You should see an improvement in members to your liking over the coming months!

  5. ya mum Says:


  6. abir Says:

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