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Thanks Mark May 16, 2007

Filed under: General — darwindating @ 9:54 am

We get a lot of emails from our members requesting this and that.  We thought we’d post this one in an effort to encourage more ugly people to be honest.

Mark: “Fellas – could you delete my account please…I’ve recently had horribly disfiguring facial surgery and my pic now looks nothing like me…”

Darwin Dating: “Mark, I have deleted your account.  Thanks for letting us know, the last thing we want on the site is horribly disfigured people, your honesty is appreciated.  Yours in hot people, Darwin Dating.”

Even though you are obviously quite ugly, you should be proud Mark.  The hot members of Darwin Dating thank you.


2 Responses to “Thanks Mark”

  1. ya mum Says:

    you fukn people make me sick.
    im attractive (on the outside) and i stilll think this dating site sucks.

  2. abir Says:

    my name is Abir, am a decent girl with love, trust and honest, looking for a man with honest and love to hook up with, so if you are please contact me through my email address so i will tell you more about me with some of my picture, thanks and bless, yours Abir, (

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