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Sam the Hot and Creative Man! May 21, 2007

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This from the profile of one of our members Sam:

There once lived a young man named Sam,
Who breezed through the Darwin exam,
If you like what you see,
Then get hold of me,
By email (failing that…tel-e-gram)

As you can see, not only are Darwin Dating members hot, but they are creative too! Ladies, Sam lives in London and is looking for hotties between the ages of 18-28!


7 Responses to “Sam the Hot and Creative Man!”

  1. Nilma Says:

    Damn, if only I lived in London!

  2. Duffy Says:

    Duffy you fugly c*nt let me on your site. I love you. I want to have man children with you fuckface. Luv Hodge

  3. The Real Luv Hodge Says:

    I am not sure who wrote the previous message but i am hot and creative and i never have to beg anyony to be on thier site
    but i would like to find out who is slandering my name but using it for such reasons on the web
    who ever you are i pitty you but thanks for the compliament it was sweet of you to think of me

  4. I’ve been dating online but I haven’t joined any online dating site. I only use ymessenger and trying to reach anyone I could meet along the way. The disadvantage is I met those people who were very rude and all they want is’cyber sex’. Very digusting coz I’m conservative and I really don’t like men like this.

  5. This site is very nice for free dating and for video chat and for entertainment .You must try this site. Just free sign up and join the site.

  6. abir Says:

    my name is Abir, am a decent girl with love, trust and honest, looking for a man with honest and love to hook up with, so if you are please contact me through my email address so i will tell you more about me with some of my picture, thanks and bless, yours Abir, (

  7. I am a handsome boy, can i join The DarwinDating?

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