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A Darwin Dating First! July 16, 2007

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Darwin Dating:

“Charles Darwin was a genius, but unfortunately very ugly. It is ironic that he wouldn’t be able to join Darwin Dating!”

An anonymous visitor:

“It is ironic that if we bred out all the intelligent people then websites like this wouldn’t even be possible.”

Correct me if i’m wrong, but are you calling us intelligent for building this site?! Ok, maybe you are calling Charles intelligent… It can be read either way so we’ll take the first interpretation. Thanks, it makes a nice change from the normal comments! 😀


6 Responses to “A Darwin Dating First!”

  1. Pram Says:

    I think we should just just give the cold shoulder to all of the people who don’t contribute anything to society but the ability to incessantly preen over their biodegradeable good looks.


    Age will take care of you.

  2. Alice Says:

    I don’t know if you were being sarcastic or incredibly dumb, but just to make it clear

    They were implying that you are stupid, and created this site =]

  3. goodthinkinpal Says:

    hehehe, yes Alice, they’re really dumb… why, oh, why am I not surprised ahuahuahauh

  4. Jessica Says:

    Well everyone want to be remembered for something in life so maybe Mr. Darwin’s favorite thing is his dating site because he can juge instead of being judged.

  5. indian chat Says:

    The is best for beautiful people.

    • Jessica Faltynski Says:

      Guys! What can we remember about each other specially when the weather warms up? I haven’t got to know hardly any of you. Send me a reply Please and thank you!
      Jessica (The Blonde One)

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