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To Our Members: Well Done Rejecting This Guy! August 3, 2007

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Darwin Dating to Johnny:

Dear Johnny,

Welcome to the harsh reality of life, you are not attractive enough to make it onto Darwin Dating and probably aren’t very attractive, period!

There are plenty of other ugly people out there and we have proof. Many people who have applied for membership have been rejected. ‘Successful’ people like Russell Crowe, George W. Bush, Venus and Serena Williams and Margaret Thatcher would never have been made members, so maybe there is still some hope for you.

There are plenty of products out there that may help reduce your ugliness. Try a few of these: hair gel, contact lenses, soap.

All the best with your ugliness!

Johnny to Darwin Dating:



We’re not quite sure how Johnny plans to shut us down given no laws have been broken. After receiving this email we are certainly very thankful that our members didn’t let this crazy psycho in!

(Note: Johnny isn’t his real name)


9 Responses to “To Our Members: Well Done Rejecting This Guy!”

  1. Minnie Says:


    I just found your website but I’m a bit confused:

    first I thought this was a joke (I mean, I thought that NO-one can even think of building a website like this, totally based on judging how people look like and having this weird “rules”) but now after having read these comments and these “serious” answers to people’s complaints I’m not so sure anymore if this IS a joke…?

    I’m European, so probably that explains why this kind of superficial activity is totally weird for me – in my country people respect intelligence and it doesn’t mean that everyone is nerd or ugly looking, totally opposite, actually. I think that your “rules” are somewhat based on non-existent reality, no-one is really perfect and if someone doesn’t fulfill your requirements it doesn’t mean that they can’t be hansome or beautiful.

    Well, maybe this site was a joke or hoax after all so I apologize my comment, but I was just wondering. πŸ™‚

  2. charlie george Says:

    I think that it’s perfectly fine to have a website only for beautiful people, it is only the uglies who complain as they are jealous and want to beautiful too.

    They then say that they are more intelligent/cultural etc but they have to be because they have the time on theri hands to do these sorts of things whereas beautiful people are always in demand and so can’t be arsed with ‘culture’ and would rather be superficial as it’s a more enjoyable way to live your life.

  3. Azhar Says:

    Hi everyone! I JUST got into this website and yes I have to be honest I thought it was cool to be accepted. Other websites, have the full package but sometimes they don’t tell you what they REALLY think about the way you look. So I would say that this gives straight, up front and honest opinion about others may really think about you.

    HOWEVER, I do not agree with how they treat the people that they reject. I have had several women, let alone at the same time, interested in me who were from everything from plane janes to lingerie/swimsuit models and I was crazy about all of them. Looks did not matter as much to me and for those people who say that is all that matters will have a VERY lonely life.

    I would say this website is just for fun regardless of anything else. I would not all the negativity to heart people!

    Like I said good looks will NEVER gaurantee happiness, long lasting marriage nor will it gaurantee all the things that make a person happy.

    Like I said I have heard and just about experienced almost everything and to be honest it does not feel any different than what people may think.

    In person, I have heard virtually everything on my looks, I have been offered jobs at upscale clothing boutiqes at the mall just by walking in and even met PLayboy Model Jenny McCarthy who told me that I was pretty cute upon meeting me. There is more, but i don’t wanna bore people.

    On-line, I have heard even more things.., I even had a couple of modeling offers from 2 different agencies from London to Bombay.

    But right now I am single and it doesn;t mean I’ll even meet someone. Being good-looking is being smart… its just a trait.. but not the only trait.

  4. ritchie Says:

    funny that I got into darwin dating and I have a big nose lol… I guess it wasn’t enough to screw up the rest of my face

  5. This is funny Says:

    I think Johnny has overreacted but he had the right to be angry – the way that you telling sb that he or she is not matching your criteria sounds a bit rude.Now a word about Richie above this comment box. Did he get rejected only cuz of his ‘big nose’?was it really that big so you couldn’t see the rest of Richie’s face or figure( if he posted pics of whole himself too)?Well. I’m from Europe too so i really puzzled about this- is this a joke or you, Americans really started to think so? If it’s a joke,then it’s rather a stupid an cruel one. If you are serious about this-that’s bad….

  6. abir Says:

    my name is Abir, am a decent girl with love, trust and honest, looking for a man with honest and love to hook up with, so if you are please contact me through my email address so i will tell you more about me with some of my picture, thanks and bless, yours Abir, (

  7. Michael Hawk Says:

    Hey Johnny,Lighten up, you puss. I’ve bad skin, I’m pale and can’t tan in the Sun (I only burn), I’ve a halfsleeve and a few other tattoos, crooked teeth with a noticeable overbite, blonde-brownish hair with a red beard, I’m under 5’11”, and my body is starting to get dumpy in spite of there being a decent amount of muscle on my frame. My gut hangs over my belt and I have to suck it in to see my dick when I piss. Oh, and I also get back acne every now and then.
    Sounds depressing? HELL NO! I get mad pussy, bitch. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t either have a hottie with me or a hottie wanting to come back to my house with me. Oh yeah, I also smoke cigarettes, hence my teeth aren’t too white, and I still somehow land chicks way out of my league! Look at the grls in DarwinDatings top ten. I only found two of them attractive. What nasty looking mofo can be choosy like that? Me!
    I know that part of the reason why I land hot chicks is because I’m fairly easy going and I have a natural ability to make people laugh. I’m no Louis CK, but I hold my own. I’m also a fairly active/popular musician around town, so I’m sure that has something to do with iit, too. And I don’t care. I think that’s key, not caring. Nothing’s more unattractive than desperation. Gotta be confident and comfortable in your own skin. Point is, don’t whine and mope like a bitch, bitch! Be active, do stuff you love, you’ll build confidence that way and your ugly ass will get hot trim too. Remember, DarwinDating is a small percentage of hot chicks. You getting mad about being rejected is like going to the Playboy Mansion where, let’s say, 3000 hot chicks are partying and you ask two of them to dance or whatever and they reject you, and so you totally get mad, give up, and stomp out of the Mansion crying like a little douche when there are 2, 998 other hot chicks to hit on. The odds are in your favor! Now suck it up and show that you don’t need a dating site to get you bumpin’ uglies (or pretties?) with a hottie.

    Oh. I just realized you will probably never read my comment since this is from 2007. Damn, DD! Not much going on here, is there? Well, my girl’s waiting for me and judging by the insanely itchy, stinging swollen reddish-purple mass on the inside of my thigh near my ballls right, I’ve got a hunch that some lucky stunning woman is going to get genital herpes tonight! Oh yeah, oh fucking yeah. Spreadin’ the love smooooth.

  8. Michael Hawk Says:

    Oh yeah, in case it isn’t obvious, there’s no delusions on my part to apply to joining this dating service. I wouldn’t get past the first round, no way. But I see the type of guy’s who get in here. Look at the top ten dude’s. They absolutely scream Brokeback Mountain. You put lipstick and a dress on those guys and I’d fuck ’em.
    Ps. I was kidding about the genital herpes in my last comment.

    Or was I?

  9. indian chat Says:

    I think that it’s perfectly fine to have a website only for beautiful people. πŸ™‚

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