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In our defense… January 30, 2008

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One of our members has come to our defense following the last scathing post:


Get over it. Besides Dariwin Dating are not the only ones who go on looks. We all do, including you, you hypocrites. How many times have you guys said “Phwar. She is really fit. Wouldn’t mind getting to know her”. How many times have you women smiled at a man because you think he is “cute” or “goodlooking”. All of us go on looks to some extent as the physical side of a relationship is just as important as the emotional side. ALL OF US, at some point in our lives, have gone on looks and probably still do. Of course the inner qualites matter. It is all about striking a balance between the two. All you you people who got rejected are so hypocritical when you criticize this site as you would not be attracted to some one who is completly unattractive in the physical sense.
I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto this site. All of us on here admit that looks to play a part but are not the only thing that are important. If looks are not important why is it that men AND WOMEN are attracted to goodlooking members of the opposite sex. It’s just that some of us are willing to admit that looks do play a CONTRIBUTING part instead of getting all P.C. about it and pretending they don’t.

Thanks to this unnamed, beautiful member!


16 Responses to “In our defense…”

  1. Melanie Says:

    As a scientist who studies human sexuality through an evolutionary lens, I have to tell you that I was intrigued to see the under pinning of this site. I love the concept and I had a good laugh when I did your “chimp” survey (I fall between and earthworm and a chimp, goody!). There is one thing I think you need to add in your selection criteria. Natural selection is about gene survival right? So you MUST also not allow people who have had plastic surgery to be considered into your group! They are just uglies with funding and that ugliness will live on in other forms if you allow them to become members. There is nothing worse then falling in love and mating with this seemingly attractive person only to discover that your offspring look like Quasimodo. And SURE the kids can have mommy or daddy’s nasty little secret snipped but in the meantime while they are waiting for maturity YOU are the one who has to walk around with hideously repulsive offspring. So please, I implore you, for the sake of humanity, a ban on plastic parts is an imperative for your list of criteria.

    • goodthinkinpal mrhoustonn Says:

      oh, a scientist! you must be really bright one at that, huh? well I wrote someting for another fella here but maybe you would be in need to discuss too. he said “social darwinism” in a comment and I replied and here is what I said, my good, beautiful Melanie.

      As a Biology graduate and social student/entusiast, I can maybe try to ellucidade some points for ya. This term says many things in many ways, but I think the point here is about social matting in our society in relation to viewing attractiveness.

      well, that’s what I said, Melany, my lady. Also, I would like to meet some girl who likes to discuss about darwinism. I like it too, lol. I’m all alone in this cruel world and would appreciate to know better a lady as yourself.

      Well, now, while we don’t live in a single society, because all over the world we divide in very different groups all with their own culture, matting ways and beauty, or pattern of body recognitions types, we can’t hold on to a pattern that contemplates all of the cultures in their ways of seeing beauty, so instead we tend to recognize as “beauty” someone that generally resembles the people we see most in our everyday life. this is also a way to recognize our own “people” or genetical group.

      for exemple, brazilian girls that may seen not so attractive to, say, japanese men, may be very attractive to brazilian males, and the same may happens the other way around.

      BUT. something different can also occur. brazilian males can think japanese women are prettier than brazilian women. why’s that? well, pure. and simple. curiosity. yes, u heard it. the same way people are attractive to their phenotype, they are attracted to very different phenotypes of their own. that’s were it enters a second thing about our nature, as a species. our brains. the ones that intend to survey the ambient for some travelling purpose. a discovery.

      that’s because not all our choosing for a mate is done from our local perspective. and why this instinct of getting out of our own place is there? well, according to evolutionary theory, everthing that is embued to us today is something that was useful to get us where we are now. meaning, that this discovery purpose was handy to avoid extinction in the yrs past. so couples of different phenotypes mate to generate genetic diversity so a species can have more chance to survive in an ambient, considering that the chance to get it right, to make the right prole of little fellas that are going to do good in the ambient and survive the better way is better, because you have generated various types of these fellas, CONSIDERING THE AMBIENT AS CHANGEABLE. so when the ambient changes, at least one of these fellas may make it for the best way. if you have no genetic diversity, if the ambient is not good for then, they will either die or leave no descendants.

      now, by ambient I mean society. yes, yes, fella, this is not just “biological stuff of the past” here. this actually happens in our society. the more varieted individual is the one that experiences more types of people and cultures and knowledge of different types, and this individual is more likely to do so if he/she is the prole of a couple of etnically and culturaly different individuals than one of very alike individuous, by the simple following of their parent’s footsteps or counseling.

      In other words, what I’m saying is that in a changeable society, the best chanced individual is the one that has the the more varieted life experience, for example maybe, (I said maybe, is all about chance, anything is possible lol) that fella resulted from the marriage between the brazillian and the japanese lady, with a very different culture of the brazillian.

      the son/daughther of a very akin couple is less likely to have the life choice of wanting to adapt, or change, because the idea of multiculturalism may not be present in their education by their parents. this insistence in old ways in a changed world may be their downfall. that, society calls “conservadorism”.

      but, what is evolution? evolution is the adaptation, or change, a species goes through to survive or let descendants in the changed ambient. there is no such thing, according to the evolution theory, as a static ambient (and according to commom sense, really. lol). (oh, and science too. lol) and logic.

      or such thing as a static society. however, if you are to say that there is a certain human type or etnic type, or cultured type that has the upper hand above all others, say, “pretty people”, and say the are the definition what is of more evoluted people on the planet, you would be talking nonsense by the simple fact that you want to take some phenotypes that came probably from the same type of genes (genes of structuration of our body, our phenotypes, that someone or some people consider attractive). by the simple search of the matting of likely phenotypes you would be killing genetic diversity and making a group of individuals that will have less chance of being successful because of their less likely existent ability to adapt, due to the arguments above. they are more likely to go for their own old ways even in an already changed society. (“pretty” people as I heard, lol, are more readly to think they’re somehow the best already society can produce, therefore no need to change, lol)

      we conclude that some visual appearance can’t be the factor that says someone is better suited for the world as representant of the human species, as can’t any other attribute (yes, including intelligence) because we don’t know what the future will be like. we can’t even tell what is the best attribute today for our species due to the enormous number of culture types around the world and also can’t tell that for a certain culture even in the present due to an extremely complex structure in EACH of them. there are emotions and filosofies, and ramdom situations and caotic possibilities in each one of them. the only certain thing we can assure is that the one that will continue in descendants is the one that can adapt, that has the best ability to change, because the only thing we know for sure for our environment is that it will and always change.

      so the idea of a website like this trying to mate people with a certain attributes that look alike trying to promote “darwinism” is certainly laughable.

      well, at least they’re promoting the term. and if some of these highly mistaken people who entered all happy for being accepted and perceive in the future that finding a mate looking only for appearence wasn’t a very good idea, I bet maybe they’re going to recall the term and look for its real meaning to know why they were wronged, lol.

      well, that’s what I said to him, Melany, my good lady. Also, I would like to know better someone who likes to discuss about darwinism, I Iike it too, lol. I’m all alone in this world and would appreciate a lady as yourself. our offspring would be very versated in biology and have lots to discuss on contrary points. so add me sweetheart, I dare you 😀 lol. (really, I dare you lol)

  2. Ola Okunniwa Says:

    Hi Melanie,

    My name is Ola and I posted the original comment you replied to. I just wanted to say that as a man, I couldn’t agree with you more about plastic surgery. Apart from the science angle that you came from, I just find fake women a real turn off. Sure, they may look the part but part of that look looks totally false. May send your average 16-18 young man into a sexual frenzy but a man with any reall taste would tend to keep clear. On a personel level, sure, looks, amongst other qualities in a women, are important to me BUT they must be natural. Don’t like women who where to much make up as this also gives a false impression. A little is ok althogh I have been known to say that women who are really attractive don’t need make up at all.
    To Summise, I agree with you. Cosmetic surgery is not a good thing.

    Ola Okunniwa

  3. Piper Says:

    Darwimisn is important in matchmaking, but you’ve gone about it backwards. The human race will never evolve so long as the lesser evolved monkeys choose mates based on the more primite physical attributes. This world is in crises and a speedy solution is needed. Thus, I think a dating site should be created, based on darwinism, that matches the most intelligent, clever, quick thinking and compassionate people….maybe the top 5%.

    Admission to the site should be based on an IQ test and an EQ test- one judging intelligence and the other emotion intelligence. This is the only way humans can ever hope to leave the jungle.


  4. Passably Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Passably.

  5. Laurens Says:

    I totally agree with the part above ‘In our defense’.

    It all goes hand in hand. We all want someone we are both physically and ‘mentally’ (character) attracted too. The bigger the physical attraction the better, imagine the influence on your sex life.
    But at the same time, if we’re really honest, people looking for a relationship want someone you really click with as well. A friend, a buddy, a mate. Whether it is someone a lot like you, or very different. In any way someone you just love to be around, you love to spend time with, you love to share your experiences, emotions and everything with. And the bigger that ‘mental’ or ‘personality’ attraction, the better as well.
    For a lasting relationship, I think you need all that, but especially when you first meet people, the outside is playing a very big part.

  6. Joel Says:

    I think some of you have it all wrong. This site isn’t about love or intelligence. It’s about being really really good looking. I agree that all good lookingness should spring from the loins and not from the coins. You can’t buy the dashing, glorious looks that nature provides. However, I see a deeper issue at hand. There are many intruders, bad apples if you will. You know what is said of bad apples. Just in case you don’t, you should know that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Darwindating is at risk. Its integrity is compromised by spurious babes and studs. YOU MUST PURGE PEOPLE, PURGE THE UNCLEAN! Use a keen eye and sound judgement. Our future is depending on it.

    thank you,


  7. Cassie Says:

    Creators – you guys have Dalton’s theory of natural selection and sexual selection confused. Looks have nothing to do with survival, a person can be fit and may be still rejected from your website. You also have a combination of two laws – Galton’s theory of superior breeding (eugenics) and Dalton’s sexual selection confused. Funny how I never got any replies back whenI emailed you guys several weeks ago. I wonder if there’s censorship with comments. Probably. I bet there are many people who noticed the theories were mixed up.

    Credibility is lost if you can’t get the theories right people!
    It’s not very honorable for a non-creator to have to come to defense for the creators of this website as you guys receive quite a bit of criticism. The creator should defend themselves and not rely on someone else’s opinions to serve as their defense, it’s kind of sad that you guys don’t bother to justify the website yourselves given the fact that you are the creators.

    There’s a point where everyone will be rejected on this website- creators will be get old and lose their looks and so will anyone who enters if they decide to stick to using the website years forward. In other words, the creators has to reject themselves at some point (the point where they turn ugly). Beauty is not an absolute thing because the standards were are changing, super large foreheads was once considered attractive, and not so anymore. Time is absolute.

    I personally see this website for pure thrills, it doesn’t have much substance and it’s not about substance. So if a mate was looking for substance, this is not the website to go to. If you just want looks, go for this website. Of course the conventional good looking people who want substance probably won’t want to go to this website. There is absolutely no proof that the website holds people who are beyond good looking, the site is not here to emphasize that.

    • goodthinkinpal mrhoustonn Says:

      good, someone who agrees with me. hey cassie, look up my reply on this page for Melanie 😀

  8. tuff cookies Says:

    In browsing your hot or not voting section of the site, I have noticed a lot of fake photos, people who are putting up pictures thant aren’t them. Heck, one was a pic of a pornstar! Need to find a way to ensure “quality control” for honesty of members pics.

    • goodthinkinpal mrhoustonn Says:

      lololol, I could do that!!! nah, I wouldn’t. Or would I. (why didn’t I thought of it sooner?) hauhauahuahua, nah, sorry, I respect you guys just kidding 😀

  9. tuff cookies Says:


    yeah, its a typo…

  10. mangocherry Says:

    Well I’ve applied and now I’m waiting to see if I’m deemed “hot or not”. Anyway, I have 2 points… for those who apply, are rejected and then complain about the site… why did you apply in the first place? If you find the whole idea so offensive, just walk away, nobody forced you to apply, surely you googled this site without a gun to your head. Secondly, we are all attracted to beauty… hats of to this site for being more honest about the whole thing. We all know that if we could date Cameron Diaz/Brad Pitt, we would and it wouldn’t be for their conversational skills! I’m sorry but I am sick to death of sites full of uglies with hair on the soles of their feet and teeth like an earthquake in a graveyard… bring me beautiful men who smell sweet any day and let me worry about my conscience! xxx

    • Ola Okunniwa Says:

      Hi Mangocherry,

      You shouldn’t have any worries getting onto this site. If I could please have a head start though. lol. I would like to get in touch with you.

      • slinkymalinky Says:

        Sadly, I didn’t get in, maybe my face wasn’t symmetrical enough!! but not to worry… I found love elsewhere with a beautiful and intelligent man who makes me ridiculously happy and he’s completely happy with my not-so-symmetrical face. Good luck to the rest of you!

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