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Ugly Jason July 21, 2008

Filed under: Complaints — darwindating @ 11:54 pm

From Darwin Dating:

Dear Jason,

Welcome to the harsh reality of life, you are not attractive enough to make it onto Darwin Dating and probably aren’t very attractive, period!

There are plenty of other ugly people out there and we have proof. Many people who have applied for membership have been rejected. ‘Successful’ people like Russell Crowe, George W. Bush, Venus and Serena Williams and Margaret Thatcher would never have been made members, so maybe there is still some hope for you.

There are plenty of products out there that may help reduce your ugliness. Try a few of these: hair gel, contact lenses, soap.

All the best with your ugliness!

From Jason:


16 Responses to “Ugly Jason”

  1. 1111 Says:

    Good site Good site Good site

  2. This is funny Says:

    Whoa, i have always thought that ‘beutiful’ people DO NOT need stuff like dating sites at all…but it seems like I’m mistaken.Do you realize, how many photos might be enhanced with photoshop to match your weird criteria:>?And there are no general rules how pretty one should look.I know many people who wear ‘nerdy glasses’ and look very attractive with that ‘flaw’.This goes for having ‘big’ nose too-could you call michelle trachtenberg an ugly girl?nayway, even if you really think that sb’s ugly , try to be a bit nicer while telling this even if we all know that you’re humorous.

    • molly Says:

      I have to agree with you on this one….and just because of this rude e-mail I think I’ll delete my account. you guys with your stupid rules on “nerdy glasses” and “red hair” are ridiculous. I have glasses. they look pretty damn good on me too. You gonna delete my account cuz of that? You guys on this website are very rude and very mean. I mean, he wasn’t attractive to you, but he may be attractive to someone else. This website should be deleted because of how stupid your rules are and because of how rude you are to the people trying to get on this site. screw it. I’m deleting my account this is ridiculous

      • goodthinkinpal Says:

        way to go, molly, Im really proud of ya, girl. show this buncha losers u have some brains too. lol

  3. […] Darwin Dating: Hier kommt nur rein, wer wirklich gut aussieht. Klar, vor allem wer plant mit der/dem Zukünftigen eine Familie zu gründen, will sich ja den eigenen Stammbaum nicht mit schlechten Genen versauen. Am Ende haben die Kinder noch Sommersprossen oder , Gott bewahre, rote Haare. Hässliche Gesichtsgrotten und unförmige Körper werden deshalb gleich mit der ihnen gebührenden Respektlosigkeit zurückgewiesen. […]

  4. Ian Says:

    Even if I don’t make the cut (Although I’m pretty damn confident) I support the brutal rejection of uggo’s.

  5. God Says:

    Obviously, this site is for stupid people only.

  6. zubi Says:

    OMG. I truly hope the people on this dating site don’t procreate…. 😦 The IQ of the world is ALREADY low enough; what are ya tryin to do – make us extinct?!

    And yes, a lot of images are highly photoshopped. As a model turned photographer it’s pretty obvious for me to see.

  7. Ash Says:

    You’ve forgotten the most important thing – HEIGHT!

    oh good. I’m sure the place is full of hot guys, most of them short things. No point in a guy being good looking but short. Just no point. Useless.

    I’m slim, great looking, perfect teeth, great smile, long shiny hair and great skin. I get paid to look great, I’m a photographic & catalk model. I earn good money btw, I’m damned good.

    Don’t need to join a site to get a date but if I did, it would be a site like this — if IF you had a minimum height requirement.

    Filled with shorties. Yes!

  8. Jesse Says:

    I’m a touring rocker and former fashion model. I thought this might be good for a kick and, perhaps because I was a bit curious what would happen, I decided to apply.

    I’m in pretty friggin good shape. I have thick long auburn hair with copper highlights and piercing blue eyes that all the fangirls melt over… I’m not incredibly tall, but I’m definitely not short either. I turn heads everywhere I go, and not just among people who know who I am.

    So when I submitted, I was pretty confident that if anyone would make the grade, it would be me. (Keep in mind, I’m not bragging… this is just how I look, and frankly, the head turning used to make me feel very self conscious when I was younger.)

    I submitted one of my favorite professional headshots. During the waiting period I decided to perused the other gents that got on here, so as to have an idea where I ranked and found a ton of weird looking or very average looking guys who made the grade. I laughed, and decided that this site wasn’t as hardcore about their “standards” as they boasted.

    I know I’m not a hip hop or country listener’s dream guy, what with the piercings and tattoos and the wild changes of hairstyle but if you put me against most of the poseur trend-following toolbags on here, I’m sure 10 of 10 girls would rank me as one of the top 10 best-looking guys in any given state. I also know that I’d be one of the best dressed… I’m a former model, have my own wardrobe people and am usually at least one step ahead of them when we’re selecting my wardrobe… nuff said.

    Anyhow… as fate would have it, I was denied, and that’s okay with me, but I wish I could flag the developers attention here, because they might want to take a closer look at how their judging process works.

    I like the concept of a place where people are encouraged to be shallow, it appeals to my inner social Darwinist, but I don’t think that true Darwinism is in effect here, as it currently stands. After all, not every fish in the sea would survive in any given pool of water nor in any given group of fish, they evolve to survive in and among their natural community.

    A good example of a possible fault in the current system is that some girls find guys that fit the whole “Jersey Shore” Guido image as the most sexy and would rate those guys at a 10, while rating a guy who had a more subtle or somewhat rugged appeal much lower. Some women I know (the most intelligent and attractive actually) say that the guido image is gross and “skeezy”, and would rate these guys far lower on the totem pole… perhaps going so far as to put them at a 0 on a 10 scale. This is a DRASTIC difference of opinion. One woman’s Adonis is another woman’s Steve Buscemi.

    Perhaps I’d suggest that a musical taste check box area be instituted into the matching process regarding who judges whom, because musical taste tends to heavily influence the way people group up.

    For instance: if I checked that my musical tastes included Heavy Rock, Metal, Industrial, Trance, Drum n Bass I would be judged only be people who have at least one or two of those tastes in common. These people wouldn’t be turned off by the eccentric clothing or hairstyles that fit into that niche. A person like me wouldn’t be judged by a girl who only listens to country, who might think that I look too dangerous for her taste.

    This of course would cause some small issues in the institution phase, I’m aware, so I also suggest that judging isn’t reserved to members, but perhaps that the proven good looking members’ votes are worth more before being put into the average opinion of the applicant. This way, your incoming sexy people from other groups might actually get a truly fair shake.

    Fish swim in schools and people run in cliques, you may as well accept facts for what they are… especially if you want to promote your product as the last bastion of natural selection for humans.

    • Britta Says:

      Get over yourself. Yes you are bragging, truly good looking people don’t have to tell themselves or others they are good looking because they themselves and everyone else already knows it even if it is the internet and no one can see you who’s validation do you need that you have to announce to the world how beautiful you think you are.

    • goodthinkinpal Says:

      oh, you’re a poor little guy ain’t ya. lol. you used a term here in your text, that I am going to discuss, little fella. “social darwinism”. As a Biology graduate and social student/entusiast, I can maybe try to ellucidade some points for ya. This term says many things in many ways, but I think the point here is about social matting in our society in relation to viewing attractiveness.

      Well, now, while we don’t live in a single society, because all over the world we divide in very different groups all with their own culture, matting ways and beauty, or pattern of body recognitions types, we can’t hold on to a pattern that contemplates all of the cultures in their ways of seeing beauty, so instead we tend to recognize as “beauty” someone that generally resembles the people we see most in our everyday life. this is also a way to recognize our own “people” or genetical group.

      for exemple, brazilian girls that may seen not so attractive to, say, japanese men, may be very attractive to brazilian males, and the same may happens the other way around.

      BUT. something different can also occur. brazilian males can think japanese women are prettier than brazilian women. why’s that? well, pure. and simple. curiosity. yes, u heard it. the same way people are attractive to their phenotype, they are attracted to very different phenotypes of their own. that’s were it enters a second thing about our nature, as a species. our brains. the ones that intend to survey the ambient for some travelling purpose. a discovery.

      that’s because not all our choosing for a mate is done from our local perspective. and why this instinct of getting out of our own place is there? well, according to evolutionary theory, everthing that is embued to us today is something that was useful to get us where we are now. meaning, that this discovery purpose was handy to avoid extinction in the yrs past. so couples of different phenotypes mate to generate genetic diversity so a species can have more chance to survive in an ambient, considering that the chance to get it right, to make the right prole of little fellas that are going to do good in the ambient and survive the better way is better, because you have generated various types of these fellas, CONSIDERING THE AMBIENT AS CHANGEABLE. so when the ambient changes, at least one of these fellas may make it for the best way. if you have no genetic diversity, if the ambient is not good for then, they will either die or leave no descendants.

      now, by ambient I mean society. yes, yes, fella, this is not just “biological stuff of the past” here. this actually happens in our society. the more varieted individual is the one that experiences more types of people and cultures and knowledge of different types, and this individual is more likely to do so if he/she is the prole of a couple of etnically and culturaly different individuals than one of very alike individuous, by the simple following of their parent’s footsteps.

      In other words, what I’m saying is that in a changeable society, the best chanced individual is the one that has the the more varieted life experience, for exemple maybe, (I said maybe, is all about chance, anything is possible lol) that fella resulted from the marriage between the brazillian and the japanese lady, with a very different culture of the brazillian.

      the son/daughther of a very akin couple is less likely to have the life choice of wanting to adapt, or change, because the idea of multiculturalism may not be present in their education by their parents. this insistence in old ways in a changed world may be their downfall. that, society calls “conservadorism”.

      but, what is evolution? evolution is the adaptation, or change, a species goes through to survive or let descendants in the changed ambient. there is no such thing, according to the evolution theory, as a static ambient (and according to commom sense, really. lol). (oh, and science too. lol) and logic.

      or such thing as a static society. however, if you are to say that there is a certain human type or etnic type, or cultured type that has the upper hand above all others, say, “pretty people”, and say the are the definition what is of more evoluted people on the planet, you would be talking nonsense by the simple fact that you want to take some pheotypes that came probaly from the same type of genes (genes of structuration of our body, our phenotypes, that someone or some people consider attractive). by the simple search of the matting of likely phenotypes you would be killing genetic diversity and making a group of individuals that will have less chance of being successful because of their less likely existent ability to adapt, due to the arguments above. they are more likely to go for their own old ways even in an already changed society.

      we conclude that some visual appearance can’t be the factor that says someone is better suited for the world as representant of the human species, as can’t any other attribute (yes, including intelligence) because we don’t know what the future will be like. we can’t even tell what is the best attribute today for our species due to the enormous number of culture types around the world and also can’t tell that for a certain culture due to an extremely complex structure in EACH of them. there are emotions and filosofies, and ramdom situations and caotic possibilities in each one of them. the only certain thing we can assure is that the one that will continue in descendants is the one that can adapt. that has the best ability to change, because the only thing we know for sure for our environment is that it will change.

      so the idea of a website like this trying to mate people with a certain attributes that look alike trying to promote “darwinism” is certainly laughable.

      well, at least they’re promoting the term. and if some of these highly mistaken people who entered all happy for being accepted and perceive in the future that finding a mate looking only for appearence wasn’t a very good idea, I bet maybe they’re going to recall the term and look for its real meaning to know why they were wronged, lol.

  9. abir Says:

    my name is Abir, am a decent girl with love, trust and honest, looking for a man with honest and love to hook up with, so if you are please contact me through my email address so i will tell you more about me with some of my picture, thanks and bless, yours Abir, (

  10. Duda Says:

    Well Jason may or may not be ugly, but I know I’M fine as can be.
    I applied over the weekend, submitted my headshot, and the assholes later rejected me.
    Total discrimination!!
    They sent me an email asking for a different pic.
    THAT was my BEST pic, a-holes! What else do you want?
    I am a chick MAGNET, okay?
    I mean, guys take ME to Starbucks with them, just so they can attract women.
    And this site wouldn’t take me.
    My name is Duda. I am a young, active muscular, in-shape guy.
    I have red hair and very light brown, to hazel eyes.
    White chest.
    I’m a real catch–women adore me and can’t keep their hands off of me.
    I get yummy treats all the time.
    I am a pure-bred red-nose pit bull.
    So if you wanna hook up and you’re an attractive female (or male–I go both ways), shoot me an email.

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