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We like the way you think Greg! August 31, 2008

Filed under: General — darwindating @ 1:06 am

If you had an application fee, you could alway reimburse it to the hot people who get accepted!  This way, the ugly people would end up paying for wasting everyone’s time.


10 Responses to “We like the way you think Greg!”

  1. Leeboy Says:

    lol thats the best comment on this page

  2. me Says:

    That’s actually a REALLY good idea, dare I say…

  3. WWWW Says:

    Not so soon you would demand ugly people to be removed from the streets so your eyes would be saved…. I know, this site is for fun , but i also see some signs of discrimination here… i mean, today stupid dating site and the whole world tommorow. So the Ugliest ones would use plastic surgery to be able to leave their houses to buy milk in the morning, you’d be fooled by their non-ugly apperance and date them 😉
    But more seriously now. Do you know, why evolution didn’t get rid of ugly people? Not because ugly people breeds as well. Some feature, who makes woman hot, may be not good looking on a man, unfortunately, things like noses, eye shape, legs shape , et cet. can be inherited by both sexes, which may mean that 2 pretty people can have ugly kids.

  4. Natasha Says:

    They should change this site to “the dating site for people who are the epitome of cocky and skilled at photoshop”

    • Skyler Says:

      Is it hard to get accepted to this site without photoshop? I was accepted less than an hour after submitting my picture (in a pretty popular city) and I just submitted a normal, flattering photo. Then uploaded more in some social settings. A lot of people in regular dating sites don’t grasp these basic “Duh: put your best foot forward” concepts. They have poor attitudes and come off negative. They think my pics are “Fake” and “Photo shopped” then get to talking to me, then they think i’m smart and funny too. Why wouldn’t I want to be on a dating website with other people that get what I’m talking about?

      • Paul Says:

        exactly back when it first came out i just uploaded a simple picture of myself and i was added within days. what gets me is that its the top 10-20% of the people voted “good looking” who are accepted, apparently. i just wanted to see if i could get in xDD

  5. Paul Says:

    that idea is genius

  6. abir Says:

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  7. Jen Says:

    I like this idea. Ugly people should know better.

  8. 🙂 “the ugly people would end up paying for wasting everyone’s time”

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