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Billy the Ugly Boxer July 2, 2009

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We get a lot of emails at Darwin Dating but this one is something new!

From Billy:

I love your  website and   I am writing as I am an undefeated boxer and also a kidney donor and also a human billboard I have 6 permenent tattoo advertisements so far of various websites and companies and would love to advertise for you as well with a permenent tattoo advertisement.I have a lot of areas left to advertise on that would be seen by millions and millions throughout my life. it would be lifetime advertising and would get great media coverage I have been in the press for boxing and for donating a kidney and for being a human billboard. if you would like to see press I have been in please email me back Id be happy to send that to you.
we would even do it on my eyelids on each eye lid or we could even do it on my forehead please email me back
I would advertise whatever you wanted your website or twitter id anything you like it would get us both a lot of exposure and I would do it very very cheap just because I like your site so much

Thanks for the offer Billy, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attractive boxer. Perhaps if you make it into the site first we might be able to talk.  😉

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