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How to Survive your First Christmas with a Beautiful Lover November 21, 2012

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If you’ve recently joined the flirtatious throngs of ridiculously good-looking people here on, chances are decent that the upcoming month will mark your first holiday season with a scathingly hot and altogether superior significant other at your side.

My advice to you is thus: Don’t F this up.

A couple who gave each other good Christmas gifts, clearly.

Yes, the holiday season presents a virtual relationship minefield of potential miscommunications and missed expectations, not to mention the undoubtedly terrifying prospect of being introduced to your hot partner’s parents and getting a glimpse of just how miserable life will be once the beauty has faded and only the painfully vacuous, supercilious personality remains.

But I digress. My point is: all that jolly Noel crap is going to be worth it. Firstly, you can look forward to stoking the holiday spirit with a little under the mistletoe nookie. And all it takes to get smooches on New Year’s Eve is standing within 5 feet of someone attractive and vaguely leaning in their direction.  And Valentine’s Day?  Guys, have you seen the kind of stuff gorgeous women wear on Valentine’s Day?  Best return on a dozen roses you will EVER get.

So, Ladies and Gents, here’s how to not F-up your first Christmas with a date that is way too good-looking for you:

1) Think of gifts that serve her interests, not yours. She loves kayaking, but you got her a sweet new board in hopes it would turn her into a surfer chick?  And hey, if it doesn’t, surely she won’t mind if you borrow it from time to time, right?

2) Don’t be stingy. A discount $10 DVD is an awesome gift for your little brother. But for a high-class beauty, you better be thinking something a bit more exotic.  Sure that costs moolah, but if you want to date a 10, you better remember ABE: Always Be Earning.

3) For god’s sake, DON’T GIVE A GIFT CARD. Gift Cards are a fine gift for your kid’s teacher, the lawyer who got you out of that DUI, or maybe that guy who does your taxes. They are NOT OK for anyone you’re sleeping with, or one day hope to sleep with.

Now, if all of that sounds a little too much work, I am truly sorry (not really).  I know what you’re thinking:

I’m pretty hot myself, I did after all get accepted in to Darwin Dating, shouldn’t my shiny new significant other, hot as they are themselves, nonetheless be grateful to have landed a catch like me?

Friend, that’s B-Level talk right there, and Mr. Charles Darwin intended his site to be a gathering place of Alpha Males and Females, with looks that excel beyond all others, leaving no room (or even desire for room) for consideration of other qualities, or indeed, others. So that’s how it’s going to go down.

Enjoy the mating!

The many benefits of dating a DarwinDating member.


Billy the Ugly Boxer July 2, 2009

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We get a lot of emails at Darwin Dating but this one is something new!

From Billy:

I love your  website and   I am writing as I am an undefeated boxer and also a kidney donor and also a human billboard I have 6 permenent tattoo advertisements so far of various websites and companies and would love to advertise for you as well with a permenent tattoo advertisement.I have a lot of areas left to advertise on that would be seen by millions and millions throughout my life. it would be lifetime advertising and would get great media coverage I have been in the press for boxing and for donating a kidney and for being a human billboard. if you would like to see press I have been in please email me back Id be happy to send that to you.
we would even do it on my eyelids on each eye lid or we could even do it on my forehead please email me back
I would advertise whatever you wanted your website or twitter id anything you like it would get us both a lot of exposure and I would do it very very cheap just because I like your site so much

Thanks for the offer Billy, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attractive boxer. Perhaps if you make it into the site first we might be able to talk.  😉

Photo Credit February 19, 2009

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David Spark wrote about Darwin Dating on and heckled our blog as being poorly updated! Our last post was 6 months ago, fair enough.


We like the way you think Greg! August 31, 2008

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If you had an application fee, you could alway reimburse it to the hot people who get accepted!  This way, the ugly people would end up paying for wasting everyone’s time.


In our defense… January 30, 2008

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One of our members has come to our defense following the last scathing post:


Get over it. Besides Dariwin Dating are not the only ones who go on looks. We all do, including you, you hypocrites. How many times have you guys said “Phwar. She is really fit. Wouldn’t mind getting to know her”. How many times have you women smiled at a man because you think he is “cute” or “goodlooking”. All of us go on looks to some extent as the physical side of a relationship is just as important as the emotional side. ALL OF US, at some point in our lives, have gone on looks and probably still do. Of course the inner qualites matter. It is all about striking a balance between the two. All you you people who got rejected are so hypocritical when you criticize this site as you would not be attracted to some one who is completly unattractive in the physical sense.
I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto this site. All of us on here admit that looks to play a part but are not the only thing that are important. If looks are not important why is it that men AND WOMEN are attracted to goodlooking members of the opposite sex. It’s just that some of us are willing to admit that looks do play a CONTRIBUTING part instead of getting all P.C. about it and pretending they don’t.

Thanks to this unnamed, beautiful member!


Another happy customer January 20, 2008

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Message: Wow..I can’t wait until one day you will get what’s coming to you and get ugly and disfigured yourself, Mr Creator 🙂 Then you will know what it be like to be called such crude and horrible names. Think about the emotional troubles this is causing to so many people. I suppose one can be truly sadistic and enjoy inflicting pain on others. So many young people are dying from aneroxia or bulimia, from suicide, from surgeries gone wrong, is this what you want? Did you want people to feel so ashamed of themselves, they die? Not just in North America or Europe, but from all over the world people are suffering. Indian girls are forced to be indoors so they can get pale skin. If their skin was too dark, they were considered unattractive, and it included young boys too. (But then alot of Middle Eastern and Indian women were later killed through bride burning) African girls have been forced to recieve female circumcision. Remember when Chinese girls were made to bind their feet in order to be beautiful? Oh right, there have been also a ton of…I dunno…genocides too? The Nanking Massacre in WWII for example – The ugly Chinese were killed, while the pretty ones were brutally raped! Again and again and again.

Is that what you wanted? Then bravo, you accomplished it. You are part of alot of suffering, a contributor to the pain of others. Have a wonderful life, and hopefully you will one day get into a car accident.


To Our Members: Well Done Rejecting This Guy! August 3, 2007

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Darwin Dating to Johnny:

Dear Johnny,

Welcome to the harsh reality of life, you are not attractive enough to make it onto Darwin Dating and probably aren’t very attractive, period!

There are plenty of other ugly people out there and we have proof. Many people who have applied for membership have been rejected. ‘Successful’ people like Russell Crowe, George W. Bush, Venus and Serena Williams and Margaret Thatcher would never have been made members, so maybe there is still some hope for you.

There are plenty of products out there that may help reduce your ugliness. Try a few of these: hair gel, contact lenses, soap.

All the best with your ugliness!

Johnny to Darwin Dating:



We’re not quite sure how Johnny plans to shut us down given no laws have been broken. After receiving this email we are certainly very thankful that our members didn’t let this crazy psycho in!

(Note: Johnny isn’t his real name)